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Obsessed With The End (Vinyl)

Painted Wives Obsessed With The End (Vinyl)


Obsessed With The End (Vinyl)

by Painted Wives

'PAINTED WIVES are a perfect enigma of a band. Their Century Media debut, "Obsessed With The End" is at once dark, inscrutable and simultaneously spirit elevating. These Huntington Beach, CA based doomsayers cast aural allusions from a grotto where Mastodon, Cave In and Alice In Chains cavort and coalesce while orchestrating nightmares in sound as provocative as they come. This album is a re-release of the band's self-financed debut offering, which has been remixed and remastered by the world renowned producer, Machine (Lamb of God, Clutch).


LP Side A
01. Perfect Horror
02. Hollow Bones 
03. Fable 
04. Dig 
05. Countless
06. My Sisters
07. Congratulations 
LP Side B
01. Icy Blonde
02. Kubrick's Tongue
03. Saint
04. Stay With Me
05. Interstellar Grace