Lykke Li

so sad so sexy

LYKKE LI so sad so sexy


so sad so sexy


A woman who really needs no introduction, the wildly talented LYKKE LI will be releasing her new album “so sad so sexy” on June 8. Lykke is well known for her critically acclaimed, award-winning three albums “Youth novels” (2006) “Wounded Rhymes”, and “I Never Learn” (2014). Her second album featured the track ‘I Follow Rivers’ which was remixed by The Magician in 2011. The remix went on to reach #1 in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland and Romania, #2 in Switzerland, Austria Ireland, Netherlands and #3 in France!


Lykke has won two Swedish Grammys, performed on tons of TV shows including Later with Jools Holland, Late Show with David Letterman, and The Tonight Show and has been hailed in numerous credible outlets including The New York Times, Rolling Stone, and Q to name a few. Most recently, Swedish born Lykke moved to Los Angeles and became a partner in the Mezcal company YOLA.


  1. hard rain
  2. deep end
  3. two night ft. Anime
  4. last piece
  5. jaguars in the air
  6. sex money feelings die
  7. so sad so sexy
  8. better alone
  9. bad woman
  10. utopia