London Calling

10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (VINYL)

Midnight Oil 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (VINYL)


10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (VINYL)

by Midnight Oil
180gm Vinyl

This early Midnight Oil release contains many of the songs and stances which they would come to be identified with. A political album, the most unconservative Oils stomp their way through the incendiary "US Forces" and "Power And The Passion".

The intense “Short Memory" tells of their anti-war agenda, while Only the Strong remains one of their most potent tracks. Unbelievably excellent.

Newly remastered for vinyl, 180gm audiophile vinyl, in gatefold sleeve


Outside World
Only The Strong
Short Memory
Read About It
Scream In Blue

US Forces
Power And The Passion
Tin-Legs & Tin Mines
Somebody's Trying To Tell Me Something
George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice Deluxe Boxset - 2D

Prejudice Vol. 1 was his second solo album, after Faith. Originally released in 1990 it went straight to Number 1 in the UK, and featured the timeless singles “Praying For Time”, “Freedom! ’90”, “Waiting For That Day”, “Cowboys and Angels”, and “Heal The Pain”.
The Listen Without Prejudice 25 Deluxe Edition box set is a celebration of this iconic album. Available for the very first time as part of the Deluxe 4 disc set is MTV Unplugged – the previously unreleased album. Recorded in 1996, it is one of George’s finest performances and features songs from Wham!, Faith, Listen Without Prejudice and Older.
The set also includes the original album remastered, B-sides and rarities, a DVD featuring the Southbank Show special from 1990 plus a 36 page book featuring liner notes, photos and memorabilia from George’s personal archive.


CD1 Listen Without Prejudice (remastered)
1. Praying For Time
2. Freedom! '90
3. They Won't Go When I Go
4. Something To Save
5. Cowboys And Angels
6. Waiting For That Day
7. Mother's Pride
8. Heal The Pain
9. Soul Free
10. Waiting (Reprise)

CD2 MTV Unplugged album
1. Freedom! '90
2. Fastlove
3. I Can't Make You Love Me
4. Father Figure
5. You Have Been Loved
6. Everything She Wants
7. Strangest Thing
8. Older
9. Star People
10. Praying For Time

CD 3 Mixes and b sides
        1. Soul Free (Special Radio Edit)
        2. Freedom! (Back To Reality Mix)
        3. Freedom (Back To Reality Mix Edit)
        4. Fantasy 90
        5. Freedom (Edit)
        6. Cowboys & Angels
        7. If You Were My Woman
        8. Too Funky (Edit)
        9. Crazy Man Dance
      10. Do You Really Want To Know
      11. Happy
      12. Too Funky (Extended)
      13. Too Jazzy (Happy Mix)
      14. Fantasy 98
      15. George Michael with Paul McCartney – Heal The Pain
      16. George Michael with Astrid Gilberto – Desafinado

       1. The Southbank Show 1990
       2. Freedom! '90 promo
       3. Praying For Time promo
       4. Freedom 90 MTV 10th Anniversary



    Definitely Maybe (2LP)

    Definitely Maybe (2LP)

    by Oasis

    In their 14-year recording career Oasis sold over 70 million albums worldwide, had 22 consecutive UK Top 10 singles, 7 No.1 studio albums, but, more than that, they helped define a generation. Now Big Brother Recordings are to reissue the band’s classic albums in chronological order as part of the new Chasing The Sun series. Each album has been remastered and available with rare and exclusive bonus content. 

    With 2014 marking the 20th anniversary of its original release, “Definitely Maybe” will be the first release in the series.


    SIDE A
     Rock 'n' Roll Star
     Live Forever
    SIDE B
     Up In The Sky
     Sad Song

    SIDE C
     Bring it on Down
     Cigarettes & Alcohol
    SIDE B
     Digsy's Dinner
     Slide Away
     Married With Children 
      George Michael - Listen Without Prejudice LP - 3D

      Listen Without Prejudice 25 (Vinyl)

      by George Michael

      George Michael has sold over 80 million records worldwide. Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1 was his second solo album, after Faith. Originally released in 1990, it went straight to Number 1 in the UK, and featured the timeless singles “Praying For Time”, “Freedom! ’90”, “Waiting For That Day”, “Cowboys and Angels”, and “Heal The Pain”. Now reissued on remastered vinyl and featuring original artwork.


      Side A
      1. Praying For Time
      2. Freedom! '90
      3. They Won't Go When I Go
      4. Something To Save
      5. Cowboys And Angels

      Side B
      6. Waiting For That Day
      7. Mother's Pride
      8. Heal The Pain
      9. Soul Free
      10. Waiting (Reprise)


        Venom (Deluxe) (Vinyl)

        Bullet for My Valentine Venom (Deluxe) (Vinyl)


        Venom (Deluxe) (Vinyl)

        by Bullet for My Valentine
        Save 50%

        Over the course of their career, Bullet For My Valentine has sold millions of records, amassed a worldwide army of fans, garnered hundreds of millions of video/track streams, appeared on dozens of magazine covers and received mass critical praise for their highly-influential albums. Now, the band looks to transcend genres and trends with their game-changing album, 'Venom!'

        Produced by Carl Bown & Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head, Trivium) at Metropolis Studio in London, 'Venom' is an unrelenting, fierce step forward for Bullet For My Valentine.

        Their heaviest record to date sinks its teeth into listeners with a powerful delivery by vocalist/guitarist Matt Tuck, ferocious riffs by guitarist Michael "Padge" Paget and rapid-fire rhythm courtesy of drummer Michael "Moose" Thomas. On 'Venom' the trio maintains their signature balance of heavy, coupled with surging melody, and pushes themselves to the next level.

        "It's pretty hard to sum up an entire record after spending so much time writing and recording it and all the blood, sweat and tears that have come with this one especially," says frontman Matt Tuck. "It wasn't easy revisiting some very dark places to come up with lyrical content for this one, but once I knew where it was heading and I was comfortable with letting certain things out - all hell broke loose.
        It's easily the most aggressive record we've ever done and lyrically it will no doubt touch a nerve with a lot of people that listen to it.
        I cannot express enough how proud I am of it, and can't wait for everyone out there to hear it too. We've reinvented who we are and are ready to take on the world once more."


        LP1 Side A
        No Way Out
        Army of Noise

        LP 1 Side B
        You Want a Battle? (Here's a War)
        The Harder the Heart (The Harder It Breaks)

        LP2 Side A
        Hell or High Water

        LP2 Side B
        Playing God
        Run for Your Life
        In Loving Memory
        Raising Hell

        10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (GOLD SERIES CD)
        This early Midnight Oil release contains many of the songs and stances which they would come to be identified with. A political album, the most unconservative Oils stomp their way through the incendiary US Forces and Power And The Passion. The intense Short Memory tells of their anti-war agenda, while Only the Strong remains one of their most potent tracks. Unbelievably excellent.

        1. Outside World
        2. Only The Strong
        3. Short Memory
        4. Read About It
        5. Scream In Blue
        6. Us Forces
        7. Power & The Passion
        8. Maralinga
        9. Tin-Legs & Tin Mines
        10. Somebody's Trying To Tell Me Something


        1993-2011 (13 x LP Boxset)

        1993-2011 (13 x LP Boxset)

        by In Flames
        Sold out

        'Without a doubt IN FLAMES are one of the most successful and influential Swedish Metal bands. Together with At The Gates and Dark Tranquillity they are one of the forefathers of the “Gothenburg sound” which did not only heavily influence melodic death metal artists such as Insomnium, Soilwork, Wintersun or Eluveitie, but also left an undeniable mark on modern metal which brought us bands like Trivium, Killswitch Engage or Caliban. Century Media Records is releasing all albums plus the “Black-Ash Inheritance”-EP and legendary “Demo ‘93” in a strictly limited, hand numbered and luxurious vinyl collector’s box that comes with the following 13 discs all of which are 180g vinyl All songs are remastered by David Donnelly at DNA Mastering (Aerosmith, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Blink 182, KISS, Miley Cyrus, Mötley Crüe and many more).


        Tracklisting: LP1 Lunar Strain
        Side A
        1. Behind Space
        2. Lunar Strain
        3. Starforsaken
        4. Dreamscape
        5. Everlost (Part I)
        6. Everlost (Part II)
        Side B
        1. Hårgalåten
        2. In Flames
        3. Upon An Oaken Throne
        4. Clad In Shadows

        Tracklisting: LP2 Subterranean
        Side A
        1. Stand Ablaze
        2. Everdying
        3. Subterranean
        4. Timeless
        5. Biosphere
        Side B
        1. Dead Eternity
        2. The Inborn Lifeless
        3. Eye Of The Beholder
        4. Murders In The Rue Morgue

        Tracklisting: LP3 The Jester Race
        Side A
        1. Moonshield
        2. The Jester’s Dance
        3. Artifacts Of The Black Rain
        4. Graveland
        5. Lord Hypnos
        6. Dead Eternity
        Side B
        1. The Jester Race
        2. December Flower
        3. Wayfaerer
        4. Dead God In Me

        Tracklisting: LP4 Black-Ash Inheritance
        Side A
        1. Goliaths Disarm Their Davids
        2. Gyroscope
        3. Acoustic Medley
        4. Behind Space - Live
        Side B

        Tracklisting: LP5 Whoracle
        Side A
        1. Jotun
        2. Food For The Gods
        3. Gyroscope
        4. Dialogue With The Stars
        5. The Hive
        Side B
        1. Jester Script Transfigured
        2. Morphing Into Primal
        3. Worlds Within The Margin
        4. Episode 666
        5. Everything Counts
        6. Whoracle

        Tracklisting: LP6 Colony
        Side A
        1. Embody The Invisible
        2. Ordinary Story
        3. Scorn
        4. Colony
        5. Zombie Inc.
        Side B
        1. Pallar Anders Visa
        2. Coerced Coexistence
        3. Resin
        4. Behind Space '99
        5. Insipid 2000
        6. The New Word

        Tracklisting: LP7 Clayman
        Side A
        1. Bullet Ride
        2. Pinball Map
        3. Only For The Weak
        4. ... As The Future Repeats Today
        5. Square Nothing
        Side B
        1. Clayman
        2. Satellites And Astronauts
        3. Brush The Dust Away
        4. Swim
        5. Suburban Me
        6. Another Day In Quicksand

        Tracklisting: LP8 Reroute To Remain
        Side A
        1. Reroute To Remain
        2. System
        3. Drifter
        4. Trigger
        5. Cloud Connected
        6. Transparent
        7. Dawn Of A New Day
        Side B
        1. Egonomic
        2. Minus
        3. Dismiss The Cynics
        4. Free Fall
        5. Dark Signs
        6. Metaphor
        7. Black & White

        Tracklisting: LP9 Soundtrack To Your Escape
        Side A
        1. F(r)iend
        2. The Quiet Place
        3. Dead Alone
        4. Touch Of Red
        5. Like You Better Dead
        6. My Sweet Shadow
        Side B
        1. Evil In A Closet
        2. In Search For I
        3. Borders And Shading
        4. Superhero Of The Computer Rage
        5. Dial 595-Escape
        6. Bottled

        Tracklisting: LP10 Come Clarity
        Side A
        1. Take This Life
        2. Leeches
        3. Reflect The Storm
        4. Dead End
        5. Scream
        6. Come Clarity
        7. Vacuum
        Side B
        1. Pacing Death's Trail
        2. Crawl Through Knives
        3. Versus Terminus
        4. Our Infinite Struggle
        5. Vanishing Light
        6. Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring Everyone

        Tracklisting: LP11 A Sense Of Purpose
        Side A
        1. The Mirror's Truth
        2. Disconnected
        3. Sleepless Again
        4. Alias
        5. I'm The Highway
        6. Delight And Angers
        Side B
        1. Move Through Me
        2. The Chosen Pessimist
        3. Sober And Irrelevant
        4. Condemned
        5. Drenched In Fear
        6. March To The Shore

        Tracklisting: LP12 Sounds Of A Playground Fading
        Side A
        1. Sounds Of A Playground Fading
        2. Deliver Us
        3. All For Me
        4. The Puzzle
        5. Fear Is The Weakness
        6. Where The Dead Ships Dwell
        Side B
        1. The Attic
        2. Darker Times
        3. Ropes
        4. Enter Tragedy
        5. Jester’s Door
        6. A New Dawn
        7. Liberation

        Tracklisting: LP13 Demo‘93
        Side A
        1. In Flames
        2. Upon An Oaken Throne
        3. Clad In Shadows
        Side B
        London Calling (2LP)

        The Clash London Calling (2LP)


        London Calling (2LP)

        by The Clash
        Sold out

        'London Calling' was the 3rd album by English punkrockers The Clash and was originally released on December 14th 1979. The album represented a change in The Clash's musical style and featured more diverse elements; Ska, Pop, Soul, Rockabilly and Reggae influences were more audible than on their previous albums.

        The album received unanimously positive reviews and was ranked high in quite some All Time Greatest Albums listings (number 8 on Rolling Stone's list, number 4 on Q Magazine's list). London Calling was a top 10 album in the UK, and its title track was a top 20 single. In 2007, it was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, for being a collection of recordings of lasting qualitative or historical significance.

        Side A
        London Calling
        Brand New Cadillac
        Jimmy Jazz
        Rudie Can't Fail

        Side B
        Spanish Bombs
        The Right Profile
        Lost in the Supermarket
        The Guns of Brixton

        Side A
        Wrong 'Em Boyo
        Death or Glory
        Koka Kola
        The Card Cheat

        Side B
        Lover's Rock
        Four Horsemen
        I'm Not Down
        Revolution Rock
        Train in Vain

        50 Golden Years of Pride

        Charley Pride 50 Golden Years of Pride


        50 Golden Years of Pride

        by Charley Pride
        Sold out

        Country Music legend Charley Pride honours 5 decades of recording with a brand new greatest hits, “50 Golden Years Of Pride.”

        This comprehensive 52 track double CD features 18 US Country #1 songs from his RCA years, along with the finest moments from his personally owned recordings of the last 2 decades. The compilation is the most complete career retrospective he has ever released and will only be available in Australia and New Zealand.

        In early 2019 Charley will be embarking 11 date Australian tour. The shows will also be under the banner “50 Golden Years Of Pride” making this new greatest hits an essential purchase for fans attending the shows.




        1. Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'

        2. Kaw-Liga

        3. Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town

        4. Is Anybody Goin' To San Antone

        5. Crystal Chandeliers

        6. Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger

        7. All I Have To Offer You  (Is Me)

        8. Just Between You And Me

        9. I'm Just Me

        10. Wonder Could I Live There Anymore

        11. Its Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer

        12. Don't Fight The Feelings Of Love

        13. Me And Bobby McGee

        14. My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You

        15. The Happiness Of Having You

        16. Hope You're Feeling Me Like I'm Feeling You

        17. She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory

        18. I'll Be Leaving Alone

        19. Someone Loves You Honey

        20. Burgers & Fries

        21. You're My Jamaica

        22. Honky Tonk Blues

        23. I Don't Think That She's In Love Anymore

        24. Why Baby Why

        25. You're So Good When You're Bad

        26. Mountain Of Love

        27. Night Games

        28. Roll On Mississippi


        1. 1. Just For The Love Of It (featuring Joe Diffie)

        2. It's Just A Matter Of Time

        3. Sea Of Heartbreak

        4. Always On My Mind

        5. Lovesick Blues

        6. After All These Years

        7. Burnin' Down The Town (Duet with Travis Tritt)

        8. For Today (featuring Hal Ketchum)

        9. You'll Never Walk Alone

        10. He'll Have To Go

        11. I Don't Know Why I Love You (But I Do)

        12. Is It Really Over

        13. I Need Somebody Bad

        14. Mansions For Me

        15. I'm Gonna Change Everything

        16. Comfort Of Her Wings

        17. God's Coloring Book (featuring Dolly Parton)

        18. Plenty Good Lovin'

        19. Jesus It's Me Again

        20. Except For You

        21. Cajun Party Time

        22. Chain Of Love

        23. The Choices She Made

        24. Amazing Grace


        A New World Record (Vinyl)

        Electric Light Orchestra A New World Record (Vinyl)


        A New World Record (Vinyl)

        by Electric Light Orchestra
        Sold out

        A New World Record is the sixth studio album by Electric Light Orchestra (ELO), released in 1976. A New World Record became their first top ten album in the UK. It became a huge global success and would consolidate the band's position as one of the biggest selling rock bands in the world, reaching multi-platinum status in the US and UK, The album sold five million units worldwide within its first year of release. The cover art features the famous ELO logo for the first time. This logo would be included on most of the group's subsequent releases. The album included the hit singles Telephone Line, which became the band's first gold US single, Livin' Thing, and Do Ya.


        Telephone Line
        Mission (A World Record)
        So Fine
        Livin' Thing
        Above the Clouds
        Do Ya

        Velociraptor (Vinyl)

        Kasabian Velociraptor (Vinyl)


        Velociraptor (Vinyl)

        by Kasabian
        Sold out

        'Velociraptor! is the band’s fourth studio album, released in September 2011. It was well-received and became their 3rd UK Number one album. 


        LP1 SIDE A
        Let's Roll Just Like We Used To
        Days Are Forgotten
        Goodbye Kiss

        LP 1 SIDE B
        La Fee Verte
        Acid Turkish Bath (shelter From The Storm)

        LP2 SIDE A
        I Hear Voices
        Man Of Simple Pleasures

        LP2 SIDE B
        Switchblade Smiles
        Neon Noon
        Blackstar (Vinyl)

        David Bowie Blackstar (Vinyl)


        Blackstar (Vinyl)

        by David Bowie

        Columbia Records and Sony Music Entertainment Australia are excited to reveal details of David Bowie’s new album ★ (pronounced BLACKSTAR) which was released on January 8th on his 69th birthday. A short film directed by Johan Renck was released alongside the video and has received over 3.5 million streams. Music from the ★ single has been featured in the opening title credits and trailers for new TV series The Last Panthers. The series, also directed by Johan Renck, began airing across Europe in late-October.


        'Tis a Pity She Was a Whore
        Sue (Or In a Season of Crime)
        Girl Loves Me
        Dollar Days
        I Can't Give Everything Away

        The Wall - 2016 Version (Vinyl)

        The Wall - 2016 Version (Vinyl)

        by Pink Floyd
        Sold out

        “The Wall” is Pink Floyd’s eleventh studio album, the last studio album released with the classic line-up of guitarist David Gilmour, bassist/lyricist Roger Waters, keyboardist Richard Wright and drummer Nick Mason before Wright left the band. Released as a double album in November 1979, it was supported by a tour with elaborate theatrical effects, and adapted into a 1982 feature film, ’Pink Floyd – The Wall’. The album features the band's only number one single ‘Another Brick in the Wall Part 2’.

        One of the most acclaimed concept albums of all time, “The Wall” is renowned as Roger Waters’ Rock Opera dealing with abandonment and personal isolation. Featuring the unique artwork of Gerald Scarfe, the album also yielded the US & UK No. 1 hit Another Brick In The Wall Pt2., and was subsequently adapted for cinema by Alan Parker featuring Bob Geldof in the lead role.

        “The Wall” features a harsher and more theatrical style than Pink Floyd's previous albums. Wright left the band during its production but remained as a salaried musician, performing with Pink Floyd during the Wall tour.


        LP 1 Side A
        In the Flesh?
        The Thin Ice
        Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 1
        The Happiest Days of Our Lives
        Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 2

        LP1 Side B
        Goodbye Blue Sky
        Empty Spaces
        Young Lust
        One of My Turns
        Don't Leave Me Now
        Another Brick in the Wall, Pt. 3
        Goodbye Cruel World

        LP 2 Side A
        Hey You
        Is There Anybody Out There?
        Nobody Home
        Bring the Boys Back Home
        Comfortably Numb

        LP 2 Side B
        The Show Must Go On
        In the Flesh
        Run Like Hell
        Waiting for the Worms
        The Trial
        Outside the Wall

        Interstellar Overdrive (Vinyl)

        Interstellar Overdrive (Vinyl)

        by Pink Floyd
        Sold out

        'This is a previously unreleased 14:57 minute recording from 1966, released in mono at 33 1/3. Also includes a poster, postcard and printed inner sleeve. This is a Records Store Day 2017 exclusive release and is limited to only 4000 copies.


        Side A Tracks:
        1. Interstellar Overdrive
        Be Here Now (Vinyl) (2LP)

        Be Here Now (Vinyl) (2LP)

        by Oasis

        x 180 gm vinyl with gatefold packaging. Arguably the most anticipated British album release of all time, BE HERE NOW was recorded with producer Owen Morris at Abbey Road Studios, Ridge Farm Studios, and Air Studios between October 1996 and May 1997. The previous summer, Oasis has played to over 250,000 people over two nights at Knebworth House, in what for many people were the defining gigs of the 1990s.

        Originally released at midnight on Thursday August 21st 1997, BE HERE NOW sold 700,000 copies in just 3 days and remains to this day the fastest selling UK album on release. To date it has sold over 8 million copies worldwide. Oasis released three singles from the album, two of which - You Know What I Mean and All Around The World. Upon its release in Australia, BE HERE NOW debuted at Number 1 on the ARIA Albums Chart, and is certified Platinum.

        The release date, October 7th, is the 20th anniversary of the first day of the BE HERE NOW recording sessions at Abbey Road Studios. Respected music journalist Hamish MacBain has written new sleeve notes for the album.
        20 years on from Knebworth, BE HERE NOW still stands as the most unique album in the Oasis back catalogue, and a unique album in the history of rock n roll.

        2 x 180 gm vinyl in a gatefold sleeve


        SIDE A
        'You Know What I Mean?
        My Big Mouth
        Magic Pie
        SIDE B
        Stand By Me
        I Hope, I Think, I Know
        The Girl In The Dirty Shirt

        SIDE C
        Fade In-Out
        Don't Go Away
        Be Here Now
        SIDE D
        All Around The World
        It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)
        All Around The World (Reprise)
        Animals (Vinyl)

        Pink Floyd Animals (Vinyl)


        Animals (Vinyl)

        by Pink Floyd

        Re-released on 180 gram vinyl.

        Released in 1977, Animals is a concept record based loosely on George Orwell‰۪s Animal Farm. It reached No. 3 on the Billboard albums chart and has been sold more than 4 million copies in the US. It's the first time in more than 20 years that the record will be available on vinyl.


        SIDE A
        1. Pigs on the Wing 1
        2. Dogs

        SIDE B
        1. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
        2. Sheep
        3. Pigs on the Wing 2
          The Next Day (Vinyl)

          David Bowie The Next Day (Vinyl)


          The Next Day (Vinyl)

          by David Bowie

          The Next Day' is the twenty-fourth and penultimate studio album by English musician David Bowie, originally released on 8 March 2013 on his ISO Records label.

          The album was Bowie's first album of new material in ten years, since 2003's 'Reality.' 'The Next Day' was met with critical acclaim, and earned Bowie his first number-one album in the United Kingdom since 1993's 'Black Tie White Noise.'


          1. The Next Day
          2. Dirty Boys
          3. The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
          4. Love Is Lost
          5. Where Are We Now?
          6. Valentine's Day
          7. If You Can See Me
          8. I'd Rather Be High
          9. Boss of Me
          10. Dancing Out in Space
          11. How Does the Grass Grow?
          12. (You Will) Set the World On Fire
          13. You Feel So Lonely You Could Die
          14. Heat
          TOTO is pleased to announce a February 9th worldwide release date on Legacy Recordings for their brand new Greatest Hits package titled 40 Trips Around The Sun.  The 17 track album features three previously unreleased recordings: “Spanish Sea” “Alone” and “Struck By Lightning” alongside newly remastered classic tracks worked on by Elliot Scheiner & Gavin Lurssen and his team.  The core Toto members, Steve Lukather, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Joseph Williams re-entered the studio earlier this year to work on this release.

          While going through the Sony vaults, the band uncovered several unfished tracks that featured both Jeff and Mike Porcaro, one of which is now “Spanish Sea.”  “This track is originally from the Isolation sessions,” Steve Lukather commented.  “It’s one that didn't make it and we had to re-write it including creating a new chorus. Thanks to modern tech we were able to play once again with not only our 20 something selves but with our dear brothers Jeff and Mike Porcaro reminding us just how deep their groove was. Bittersweet... Many stories, laughs and a few tears on this one.  It’s classic Toto with an excellent solo and I kept my old 1985 melody solo Dave wanted me to do... Old meets new but since legendary pal Al Schmitt cut the tracks and Bob Clearmountain sounds like it was done 2 weeks ago not 30 + years ago!”

          “Alone is a brand new song,” Lukather remarked.  “This one was written with just the four of us really writing together and no one else in the room with us. We wanted to start with an ‘up’ song in terms of groove for the album. The lyric is darker but we are older guys now and have lived life. The good, bad and ugly... we have lived it all and in the end we are all alone anyway. Proud of this piece and it just sort of organically happened.”

          The third new track on 40 Trips Around The Sun: “Struck By Lightning” began with David Paich.  “I had the opening riff in my head for months,” Paich said.  “Joe and the guys helped flesh this one out.  I love the heavy arrangement and Luke’s solo on it is an all-time great!”

          Few ensembles in the history of recorded music have individually or collectively had a larger imprint on pop culture than the members of TOTO.  As individuals, the band members can be heard on an astonishing 5000 albums that together amass a sales history of a half a billion albums.  Amongst these recordings, NARAS applauded the performances with more than 200 Grammy nominations.  Toto has over 400 million streams on Spotify alone along while views on YouTube far exceed over a half billion.

          With close to 40 years together and literally thousands of credits, including the biggest selling album of all time: Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and accolades to their names, TOTO remains one of the top selling touring and recording acts in the world. They are the benchmark by which many artists base their sound and production, and they continue to transcend the standards set by the entire music community, being simply synonymous with musical credibility.  Their repertoire continues to be current via high profile usage on broadcast television.  They are pop culture, and are one of the few 70’s bands that have endured the changing trends and styles to a career enjoy a multi-generational worldwide fan base.


          LP1 SIDE A:
          1.         Alone
          2.         Spanish Sea
          3.         I'll Supply The Love
          4.         I'll Be Over You

          SIDE B:
          5.         Stranger In Town
          6.         99
          7.         Struck By Lightning
          8.         Pamela
          9.         Afraid Of Love

          LP 2 SIDE C:
          10.       I Won't Hold You Back
          11.       Jake To The Bone
          12.       Stop Loving You
          13.       Lea

          SIDE D:
          14.       Hold The Line
          15.       George Porgy
          16.       Rosanna
          17.       Africa
          The Anthology 1964 - 1971 (CD)

          The Anthology 1964 - 1971 (CD)

          by The Kinks

          On September 10th 1964, some 50 years ago, the Kinks had their first number one with the classic ‘You Really Got Me,’ and the rest is rock ‘n roll history. T

          HE ANTHOLOGY 1964-1971 features over 100 songs across 5 CDs, the most comprehensive collection of the Kinks seminal 1960’s and early 1970’s Pye label recordings ever released. Newly remastered, the box set features rare demos, interviews, alternate mixes, session outtakes, 25 previously unavailable tracks, an exclusive 7” single and extensive liner notes all in a beautiful box set.

          This essential release includes many timeless gems including ‘You Really Got Me’, ‘Stop Your Sobbing’, ‘All Day And All of the Night’, ‘Till The End of The Day’, ‘A Well Respected Man’, ‘Sunny Afternoon’, ‘Dead End Street’, ‘Waterloo Sunset’, ‘David Watts’, ‘Autumn Almanac’, ‘Days’, ‘Picture Book’ and ‘The Village Green Preservation Society’.


          Side A
          I Took My Baby Home
          I'm A Hog For You, Baby
          I Don't Need You Anymore (Demo)
          Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy (Demo)
          Long Tall Sally
          You Still Want Me
          You Do Something To Me
          You Really Got Me (Remastered)
          It's All Right (Remastered)
          Beautiful Delilah (Alternate Mono Mix)
          Just Can't Go To Sleep
          I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter (Alternate Mono Mix)
          Little Queenie (Live at the Playhouse Theatre, 1964)
          Too Much Monkey Business (Alternate Take)
          Stop Your Sobbing (Mono)
          All Day And All Of The Night
          I Gotta Move
          I Gotta Go Now
          I've Got That Feeling (Live at Piccadilly Studios, 1964)
          Tired Of Waiting For You
          Come On Now (Alternate Mix)
          Look For Me Baby
          Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl
          Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
          Don't Ever Change
          You Shouldn't Be Sad
          Something Better Beginning
          Ev'rybody's Gonna Be Happy
          Who'll Be The Next In Line (Session Excerpt - Backing Track Take One)
          Who'll Be The Next In Line (Alternate Mix)
          Set Me Free
          I Need You
          Interview: Clay Cole Meets The Kinks

          Side A
          See My Friends
          Never Met A Girl Like You Before
          I Go To Sleep (Demo)
          A Little Bit Of Sunlight (Demo)
          Tell Me Now So I'll Know (Alternate Demo)
          When I See That Girl Of Mine (Demo)
          There's A New World Just Opening For Me (Demo)
          This Strange Effect (Live at Aeolian Hall, 1965)
          Hide And Seek (Live at Aeolian Hall, 1965)
          A Well Respected Man
          Such A Shame
          Don't You Fret
          Till The End Of The Day
          Where Have All The Good Times Gone
          Milk Cow Blues
          I Am Free
          The World Keeps Going Round
          I'm On An Island
          You Can't Win
          Time Will Tell
          Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (Session Excerpt - Takes 1-3)
          Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (Single Version)
          Sittin' On My Sofa
          She's Got Everything (Backing Track Take Two)
          She's Got Everything (Alternate Mono Mix)
          Mr. Reporter (Version One)
          All Night Stand (Demo)

          Side A
          Sunny Afternoon (Mono)
          I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Mono)
          Dandy (Mono)
          Party Line (Mono)
          Rosy Won't You Please Come Home (Mono)
          Too Much On My Mind (Mono)
          Session Man (Mono)
          Most Exclusive Residence For Sale (Mono)
          Fancy (Mono)
          Dead End Street (Stereo)
          Big Black Smoke (Alternate Stereo Mix)
          Mr. Pleasant (Stereo)
          This Is Where I Belong (Stereo)
          Village Green (Stereo)
          Two Sisters (Stereo)
          Waterloo Sunset (Session Excerpt - Backing Track Take Two) [Stereo]
          Waterloo Sunset (Stereo)
          Act Nice And Gentle (Stereo)
          Harry Rag (Stereo) [Session Excerpt]
          Harry Rag (Stereo)
          Death Of A Clown (Stereo)
          Love Me Till The Sun Shines (Stereo)
          David Watts (Stereo)
          Tin Soldier Man (Stereo)
          Afternoon Tea (Alternate Stereo Mix)
          Funny Face (Stereo)
          Lazy Old Sun (Alternate Stereo Mix)
          Susannah's Still Alive (stereo)
          Good Luck Charm (Stereo)

          Side A
          Autumn Almanac (Mono)
          Lavender Hill (Mono)
          Rosemary Rose (Stereo)
          Wonderboy (Mono)
          Polly (Mono)
          Lincoln County (Stereo Single Version)
          Did You See His Name? (Stereo with alternate ending)
          Days (Session Excerpt)
          Days (Stereo)
          Misty Water (Alternate Mix)
          Do You Remember Walter (Mono)
          Picture Book (Mono)
          Johnny Thunder (Session Excerpt)
          Johnny Thunder (Stereo Remix)
          Big Sky (Mono)
          Animal Farm (Mono)
          Starstruck (Stereo)
          Pictures In The Sand (Mono)
          People Take Pictures Of Each Other (European Stereo Mix)
          Interview: Ray Davies talks about Village Green Preservation Society (Mono)
          The Village Green Preservation Society (Live At The Playhouse Theatre, 1968) (Mono)
          Hold My Hand (Stereo)
          Creeping Jean (Stereo)
          Berkeley Mews (Stereo)
          Till Death Us Do Part (Mono)
          When I Turn Off The Living Room Light (Mono)
          Where Did My Spring Go (Mono)
          Plastic Man (Stereo)
          King Kong (Mono)
          This Man He Weeps Tonight (Mono)
          Reprise US Tour Spot (Stereo)

          Side A
          Victoria (Stereo)
          Some Mother's Son (Stereo)
          Drivin' (Stereo)
          Shangri-La (Stereo)
          She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina (Stereo)
          Young And Innocent Days (Stereo)
          Mindless Child Of Motherhood (Stereo)
          Lola (Remastered)
          Apeman (Stereo)
          Strangers (Remastered)
          Get Back in Line
          This Time Tomorrow (Remastered)
          A Long Way from Home
          Got to Be Free

          The Clash 5 Studio Album Cd Set (CD)

          All five of The Clash's seminal studio albums remastered in their original formatting, with vinyl replica packaging, collected together in a boxset designed by the band.


          Janie Jones
          Remote Control
          I'm So Bored With the U.S.A.
          White Riot
          Hate & War
          What's My Name
          London's Burning
          Career Opportunities
          Protex Blue
          Police & Thieves
          48 Hours

          Safe European Home
          English Civil War
          Tommy Gun
          Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad
          Last Gang in Town
          Guns on the Roof
          Drug-Stabbing Time
          Stay Free
          All the Young Punks (New Boots and Contracts)

          London Calling
          Brand New Cadillac
          Jimmy Jazz
          Rudie Can't Fail
          Spanish Bombs
          The Right Profile
          Lost in the Supermarket
          The Guns of Brixton

          Wrong 'Em Boyo
          Death or Glory
          Koka Kola
          The Card Cheat
          Lover's Rock
          Four Horsemen
          I'm Not Down
          Revolution Rock
          Train in Vain

          The Magnificent Seven
          Hitsville U.K.
          Junco Partner
          Ivan Meets G.I. Joe
          The Leader
          Something about England
          Rebel Waltz
          Look Here
          The Crooked Beat
          Somebody Got Murdered
          One More Time
          One More Dub

          Lightning Strikes (Not Once but Twice)
          Up in Heaven (Not Only Here)
          Corner Soul
          Let's Go Crazy
          If Music Could Talk
          The Sound of Sinners
          Police on my Back
          Midnight Log
          The Equaliser
          The Call Up
          Washington Bullets

          Lose this Skin
          Charlie don't Surf
          Mensforth Hill
          Junkie Slip
          Kingston Advice
          The Street Parade
          Version City
          Living in Fame
          Silicone on Sapphire
          Version Pardner
          Career Opportunities
          Shepherds Delight

          Know Your Rights
          Car Jamming
          Should I Stay or Should I Go
          Rock the Casbah
          Red Angel Dragnet
          Straight to Hell
          Overpowered by Funk
          Atom Tan
          Sean Flynn
          Ghetto Defendant
          Inoculated City
          Death is a Star

          Combat Rock (Vinyl)

          The Clash Combat Rock (Vinyl)


          Combat Rock (Vinyl)

          by The Clash
          Sold out

          'The final album by the Clash's original Strummer/Jones incarnation is also their most inconsistent. There were musical and ideological rifts developing within the band, and it shows: the experimentation is almost as wild as Sandanista!'s (and the biggest experiment is heading away from their punk shiftiness and into a commercial rock sound), but they seem to be enjoying it less. The band's stabs at funk and poetry aren't terribly successful, but it all came together for two massive hits: "Should I Stay or Should I Go?" has the biggest, stupidest, most perfect riff this side of "Louie Louie," and "Rock the Casbah" pulls the band's politics, fine-honed sarcasm, and saw-toothed guitar sound into the service of a dance-floor beat.


          SIDE A
           1. Know Your Rights
            2. Car Jamming
            3. Should I Stay or Should I Go
            4. Rock the Casbah
            5. Red Angel Dragnet
            6. Straight to Hell

          SIDE B
           1. Overpowered by Funk
            2. Atom Tan
            3. Sean Flynn
            4. Ghetto Defendant
            5. Inoculated City
            6. Death is a Star
          Is This The Life We Really Want? (Vinyl) (2LP)

          'Roger Waters' last studio album, 1992's Amused To Death, was a prescient study of popular culture, exploring the power of television in the era of the First Gulf War. The long-awaited follow-up, 2017’s Is This The Life We Really Want?, Rogers’s first studio album in 25 years, is an unflinching commentary on the modern world and uncertain times, and a natural successor to such classic Pink Floyd albums as Animals and The Wall. Produced and mixed by Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Beck, U2, "From the Basement"), Is This The Life We Really Want? includes 12 new Roger Waters musical compositions and studio performances.


          LP - SIDE A
          When We Were Young
          Déjà Vu
          The Last Refugee

          LP - SIDE B
          Picture That
          Broken Bones
          Is This The Life We Really Want?

          LP - SIDE C
          Bird In A Gale
          The Most Beautiful Girl
          Smell The Roses

          LP - SIDE D
          Wait For Her
          Oceans Apart
          Part of Me Died
          Wish You Were Here (Vinyl)

          Wish You Were Here (Vinyl)

          by Pink Floyd
          Sold out

          Original studio album, digitally remastered by James Guthrie and reissued on 180gm heavyweight vinyl. 

          On its release in 1975 Wish You Were here topped the album charts in both the UK and the US. Reflecting the band’s thoughts of the time on the music business, and exploring themes of absence, Wish You Were Here contains the classic cut “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”, a tribute to founder member Syd Barrett.


          SIDE A
          Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I–V)
          Welcome to the MachineNo.

          SIDE B
          Have a Cigar
          Wish You Were Here
          Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI–IX)
          Ummagumma - 2016 Version (Vinyl) (2LP)

          Ummagumma was the band’s first double album and has one of their most iconic cover images. One album features Pink Floyd’s then-current live set, while Disc 2 includes solo compositions and performances by each member of the band. Live tracks include Careful With That Axe, Eugene and Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, while studio tracks include Grantchester Meadows and The Narrow Way. Pressed here as a double vinyl.


          LP 1 Side A
          Astronomy Domine
          Careful with That Axe, Eugene

          LP 1 Side B
          Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
          A Saucerful of Secrets

          LP 2 Side A
          Sysyphus, Pt. 1
          Sysyphus, Pt. 2
          Sysyphus, Pt. 3
          Sysyphus, Pt. 4
          Grantchester Meadows
          Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict

          LP 2 Side B
          The Narrow Way, Pt. 1
          The Narrow Way, Pt. 2
          The Narrow Way, Pt. 3
          The Grand Vizier's Garden Party, Pt. 1 (Entrance)
          The Grand Vizier's Garden Party, Pt. 2 (Entertainment)
          The Grand Vizier's Garden Party, Pt. 3 (Exit)

          Pink Floyd’s debut album featuring the original line-up of Syd Barrett, Roger Waters, Richard Wright and Nick Mason. The album includes the classic songs Astronomy Domine, Lucifer Sam and Interstellar Overdrive. One of the seminal psychedelic rock albums of the 1960s, The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn appears in Stereo version (original LP both Mono and Stereo).


          Astronomy Domine
          Lucifer Sam
          Matilda Mother
          Pow R. Toc H.
          Take Up Thy Stethoscope and Walk
          Interstellar Overdrive
          The Gnome
          Chapter 24
          The Scarecrow

          The Early Years 1965 - 1972 (Boxset)

          The Early Years 1965 - 1972 (Boxset)

          by Pink Floyd

          The Early Years 1965 - 1972 is a comprehensive 27-disc boxset that sees Pink Floyd delve into their vast music archive to produce a deluxe package that includes 7 individual book-style volumes, featuring much previously unreleased material. The Early Years box set contains unreleased tracks, BBC Radio Sessions, remixes, outtakes and alternative versions over an incredible 11 hours, 45 mins of audio (made up of 130+ tracks) and live and TV performance in over 14 hours of audio-visual material. The content includes over 20 unreleased songs, more than 7 hours of previously unreleased live audio and over 5 hours of rare concert footage, along with 5 meticulously produced 7” singles in replica sleeves, collectable memorabilia, feature films and new sound mixes. Previously unreleased tracks include 1967’s Vegetable Man and In The Beechwoods, which have been mixed for the first time, specially for this release. The Early Years 1965-1972 will give collectors the opportunity to hear the evolution of the band and witness their part in cultural revolutions from their earliest recordings and studio sessions to the years prior to the release of The Dark Side Of The Moon, one of the biggest selling albums of all time.  From the single Arnold Layne to the 20-minute epic Echoes, fans will see the invention of psychedelic progressive rock via an insightful collection that explores the Pink Floyd story from the time Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason and Syd Barrett met at London’s Regent Street Polytechnic, through to Syd’s departure and David Gilmour joining to form the iconic lineup.  

            A Momentary Lapse Of Reason (Vinyl)

            A Momentary Lapse of Reason is Pink Floyd’s thirteenth studio album,  released in September 1987. It followed guitarist David Gilmour's decision to include material recorded for his third solo album on a new Pink Floyd album with Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and keyboardist Richard Wright. Although for legal reasons Wright could not be re-admitted to the band, with Mason he helped Gilmour craft what became the first Pink Floyd album since the departure of bass guitarist, singer, and primary songwriter Roger Waters in December 1985.


            SIDE A
            Signs of Life
            Learning to Fly
            The Dogs of War
            One Slip
            On the Turning Away

            SIDE B
            Yet Another Movie/Round and Around
            A New Machine (Part 1)
            A New Machine (Part 2)


              For Crying Out Loud (Vinyl)

              For Crying Out Loud (Vinyl)

              by Kasabian

              'Kasabian are back with an explosive, career best album brimming with confidence, swagger and huge tunes, ‘For Crying Out Loud’ is out April 28 First single ‘You’re In Love With A Psycho’ is added ATB on Triple J and Triple M nationally! The band were in Australia earlier in March playing two sold out Sydney Opera House shows to critical acclaim. Kasabian have four UK #1 albums to their name and have sold over 5.5 million albums worldwide. They’ve won a Brit, seven NME awards, four Q Awards and have headlined Glastonbury Festival, as well as V Festival, T in the Park, and numerous festivals worldwide.


              SIDE A
              Ill Ray (The King)   
              You're In Love With a Psycho   
              SIDE B
              Good Fight   
              Comeback Kid   

              SIDE C
              The Party Never Ends   
              Are You Looking for Action?   
              All Through the Night   
              SIDE D
              Sixteen Blocks   
              Bless This Acid House   
              Put Your Life On It
              48:13 (2LP)

              Kasabian 48:13 (2LP)


              48:13 (2LP)

              by Kasabian

              2014 vinyl LP pressing of the English quintet's critically acclaimed fourth consecutive #1 album in the UK & Europe. The distinct sound & integrity of Kasabian's fifth studio album defines the very essence of the band, their trademark sound distilled and repackaged into one incredibly exciting, unique statement of intent. 48:13 is driven by the continuous evolution and musical experimentation of the band through their previous 4 albums. The album's first U.S. radio single, 'Eez-eh', shows just one end of the spectrum of possibilities showcased by guitarist Sergio Pizzorno's songwriting & production. A relentless all night anthem which has filled Mosh pits across Europe since the start of the summer. The video for 'Eez-eh' was directed by the acclaimed artist and designer Aitor Throup, who has taken the role of Creative Director of the album.


              LP 1: Side A


              LP 1: Side B

              LP 2: Side A

              LP 2: Side B

              Return Of The Space Cowboy (Vinyl) (2LP)

              'Best selling sophomore albums are one of the music industry's rarest gems.  One example of such a gem is Jamiroquai's second album Return Of The Space Cowboy.  Improving on their infectious blend of funky R&B and Acid Jazz, Jamiroquai delivered Return Of The Space Cowboy in 1994, hitting the charts with a vengeance and amassing global recognition as THE leading Pop Funk band. Incredibly groovy and tight, Jamiroquai expanded their compositions into the realms of Jazz and this was accompanied by a positive but critical message regarding human rights and environmental issues. The hits "Space Cowboy" and "Light Years" propelled Return Of The Space Cowboy into all-time favourite status among alternative Pop lovers all over the world.  Now with enhanced, remastered audio.


              SIDE A
              Just Another Story
              Stillness In Time

              SIDE B
              Half the Man
              Light Years
              Manifest Destiny

              SIDE C
              The Kids
              Mr Moon
              SIDE D
              Journey To Arnhemland
              Morning Glory
              Space Cowboy
              Greatest Hits (2LP)

              Eurythmics Greatest Hits (2LP)


              Greatest Hits (2LP)

              by Eurythmics

              'Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart are still Britain's biggest selling duo and have sold 75 million records worldwide. Originally released in 1991 as a 13 track album, the vinyl reissue of this classic compilation contains 5 more gems from their catalogue. Without any doubt: Pop music masterpieces, every single one of them.


              SIDE A
              Love Is A Stranger
              Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
              Who’s That Girl
              Right By Your Side
              Here Comes the Rain Again

              SIDE B
              You Have Placed A Chill In My Heart
              Miracle Of Love
              Sex Crime (1984)
              Thorn In My Side
              Don’t Ask Me Why

              SIDE C
              There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)
              Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves
              It’s Alright (Baby’s Coming Back)
              When Tomorrow Comes

              SIDE D
              Would I Lie To You?
              Missionary Man
              I Need A Man


                18 Months (2LP)

                Calvin Harris 18 Months (2LP)


                18 Months (2LP)

                by Calvin Harris
                '-- Comp. 1 Side A
                Green Valley
                Feel So Close
                We Found Love
                -- Comp. 1 Side B
                We'll Be Coming Back
                I Need Your Love
                -- Comp. 2 Side A
                Drinking From the Bottle
                Sweet Nothing
                Here 2 China
                -- Comp. 2 Side B
                Let's Go
                Thinking About You
                74 Jailbreak (Vinyl)

                74 Jailbreak (Vinyl)

                by AC/DC

                74 Jailbreak is an EP by Australian rock band AC/DC, comprising five tracks that had previously been released only in Australia. 

                '74 Jailbreak features forgotten tracks from the band's early days. “Jailbreak” automatically became a concert standard when the EP came out, and it remains a mystery why it wasn't released earlier. Also included is the largely instrumental “Soul Stripper”, a cover of “Baby Please Don't Go”, plus a pair of Angus Young, Malcolm Young & Bon Scott originals: “You Ain't Got a Hold on Me” and the autobiographical “Show Business”.


                You Ain't Got a Hold on Me
                Show Business
                Soul Stripper
                Baby, Please Don't Go

                Live in Colombia (Vinyl)

                The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project Live in Colombia (Vinyl)


                Live in Colombia (Vinyl)

                by The Alan Parsons Symphonic Project

                43 years after his contribution to one of the most successful records of all time and 40 years after the release of the Alan Parsons Project’s debut album in 1976, Alan Parsons returns with all his greatest hits in a superb symphonic show. To the great delight of Alan Parsons’ fans, for the first time on a live video and audio recording, THE ALAN PARSONS SYMPHONIC PROJECT combines the talents of his amazing band with the lush sound of a 70-piece symphony orchestra, creating a very special show with unmatched quality. Together, they revitalize hits such as “Eye In The Sky“, “Don’t Answer Me“ and “Sirius“.

                The concert was recorded on August 31st 2013 at the exotic location of the Parque Pies Descalzos in Medellín, Colombia. The lineup consists of Alan Parsons on acoustic guitar, keys, and vocals, P.J. Olsson (lead vocals), Alastair Greene (guitar, vocals), Guy Erez (bass, vocals), Danny Thompson (drums, vocals), Tom Brooks (keyboards, vocals) und Todd Cooper (saxophone, guitar, percussion, vocals). Alejandro Posada conducts the Medellin Philharmonic Orchestra.

                The Division Bell - 2016 Version (Vinyl)

                “The Division Bell” is Pink Floyd’s fourteenth studio album, released in March 1994.
                The music was written mostly by David Gilmour and Richard Wright; lyrically, the album deals with themes of communication. Recording took place in several locations, including the band's Britannia Row Studios, and Gilmour's houseboat, Astoria.

                The production team included Pink Floyd stalwarts such as producer Bob Ezrin, engineer Andy Jackson and saxophonist Dick Parry. Gilmour's new wife, Polly Samson, co-wrote many of the album's lyrics, and Wright performed his first lead vocal on a Pink Floyd album since 1973's ”The Dark Side of the Moon”.


                LP 1 Side A
                Cluster One
                What Do You Want from Me
                Poles Apart

                LP 1 Side B
                A Great Day for Freedom
                Wearing the Inside Out

                LP 2 Side A
                Take It Back
                Coming Back to Life
                Keep Talking

                LP 2 Side B
                Lost for Words
                High Hopes

                Blizzard Of Ozz (Vinyl)

                Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard Of Ozz (Vinyl)


                Blizzard Of Ozz (Vinyl)

                by Ozzy Osbourne
                I Don't Know
                Crazy Train
                Goodbye to Romance
                Suicide Solution
                Mr. Crowley
                No Bone Movies
                Revelation (Mother Earth)
                Steal Away (The Night)
                Emergency On Planet Earth (Vinyl) (2LP)

                'Supercar lover and showman Jay Kay started Jamiroquai in Manchester during the early nineties, seeing their debut Emergency On Planet Earth receive massive amounts of critical and public acclaim. Backed by an incredibly tight band, Jamiroquai delivered a Stevie Wonder-esque brand of highly infectious and addictive Funk with a capital F. So infectious in fact, it became a Pop staple almost overnight. Having amassed a huge fanbase in the UK, the popularity of this horde of planet savers spread worldwide over their subsequent two albums.


                SIDE A
                When You Gonna Learn?
                Too Young To Die

                SIDE B
                Hooked Up
                If I Like It, I Do It
                Music of the Mind

                SIDE C
                Emergency on Planet Earth
                Whatever It Is, I Just Can’t Stop
                Blow Your Mind
                SIDE D
                Revolution 1993
                Didgin’ Out
                Wanted On Voyage (2LP)

                George Ezra Wanted On Voyage (2LP)


                Wanted On Voyage (2LP)

                by George Ezra
                '-- Comp. 1 Side A
                Blame It on Me
                Cassy O'
                Listen to the Man
                Leaving It Up to You
                -- Comp. 1 Side B
                Did You Hear the Rain?
                Drawing Board
                Stand by Your Gun
                Over the Creek
                Spectacular Rival
                -- Comp. 2 Side A CD Longplay
                Blame It on Me
                Cassy O'
                Listen to the Man
                Leaving It Up to You
                Did You Hear the Rain?
                Drawing Board
                Stand by Your Gun
                Over the Creek
                Spectacular Rival
                Faithless 2.0 (2LP)

                Faithless Faithless 2.0 (2LP)


                Faithless 2.0 (2LP)

                by Faithless
                '-- Comp. 1 Side A
                I Was There
                Muhammad Ali 2.0
                Miss U Less, See U More 2.0
                -- Comp. 1 Side B
                Bombs 2.0
                Tarantula 2.0
                Drifting Away 2.0
                -- Comp. 2 Side A
                God Is a DJ
                We Come 1
                -- Comp. 2 Side B
                Salva Mea
                Mass Destruction
                Don't Leave
                Black Celebration (Vinyl)

                Depeche Mode Black Celebration (Vinyl)


                Black Celebration (Vinyl)

                by Depeche Mode

                Black Celebration is the fifth studio album from Depeche Mode. Released in March 1986, it further cemented the darkening sound that was initially hinted towards on their albums Construction Time Again and Some Great Reward.

                Black Celebration was cited as one of the most influential albums of the '80s. Singles from Black Celebration include “Stripped”, “A Question of Lust”, “A Question of Time”, and “But Not Tonight”.


                Black Celebration
                Fly On the Windscreen (Final)
                A Question of Lust (Minimal)
                It Doesn't Matter Two
                A Question of Time
                Here Is the House
                World Full of Nothing
                Dressed In Black
                New Dress

                Purpendicular (Mov Vinyl)

                Deep Purple Purpendicular (Mov Vinyl)


                Purpendicular (Mov Vinyl)

                by Deep Purple
                Deep Purple: pioneers of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Legends of Rawk. It's about time Music On Vinyl gave them the star treatment. And we're starting with an album that was never before released on vinyl: Purpendicular. Including bonus track "Don't Hold Your Breath". Released here as a 180 gram audiophile vinyl with insert included.
                Reality (Vinyl)

                David Bowie Reality (Vinyl)


                Reality (Vinyl)

                by David Bowie
                Reality, the 26th album of David Bowie (2003) followed up on the heavily successful formula of Heathen, combining influences of Bowie's Seventies' past (say, from Heroes to Scary Monsters) with a contemporary new millennium vibe. David produced this album together with Tony Visconti, the dream team that also made Heathen a true work of art, resulting in yet another surefire production and memorable songs. The album made it to the top 30 of the Billboard 200, and set the course for great Bowie albums to follow. 180 gram audiophile vinyl, includes a 12-page booklet.

                Oasis // Definitely Maybe 2LP 12" Vinyl  (25th Anniversary Edition Vinyl)

                SIDE A
                1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star 05:22
                2. Shakermaker 05:08 
                3. Live Forever 04:37

                SIDE B
                1. Up In The Sky 04:28
                2. Columbia 06:17 
                3. Sad Song 04:29

                SIDE C
                1. Supersonic 04:44     
                2. Bring It On Down 04:18         
                3. Cigarettes & Alcohol 04:49   

                SIDE D
                1. Digsy’s Dinner 02:32
                2. Slide Away 06:32
                3. Married With Children 03:12

                 PRODUCT INFORMATION:

                To celebrate the silver anniversary of Oasis’ ‘Definitely Maybe’, the iconic Manchester band’s landmark debut album, Big Brother and Sony Music will be releasing a limited edition silver coloured vinyl on 30th August.

                 Originally released on August 29th 1994, ‘Definitely Maybe’ was the fastest-ever selling debut album in the UK at the time, and marked the point when Oasis became a cultural phenomenon. The album went seven times platinum in the UK while selling over five million copies worldwide. The four singles – ‘Supersonic’, ‘Shakermaker’, ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol ‘ are established classics while songs that were never released outside of the album’s confines such as ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Star’ and ‘Slide Away’ also remain anthems and radio staples known to every generation of music fan.

                ‘Definitely Maybe’ frequently appears on ‘best album of all time’ polls and is widely considered to be the best debut album ever made.  A quarter of a century following its release, it’s songs sound as fresh and relevant as they did in 1994.
                3121 (Purple Vinyl) (2LP)

                3121 (Purple Vinyl) (2LP)

                by Prince
                RELEASE DATE: 8th February 2019

                “Never mind what time it is, the party’s just begun…” Prince’s chart-topping 3121 is back in print for the first time in over a decade! Originally released in 2006, this album features wall-to-wall jamz from the gentle “Te Amo Corazon” to the non-stop groove of “Black Sweat.”

                2 x 180gm LP, purple vinyl in Gatefold jacket, printed sleeves



                SIDE A

                1. 3121
                2. Lolita
                3. Te Amo Corazon


                SIDE B

                1. Black Sweat
                2. Incense and Candles
                3. Love



                SIDE C

                1. Satisfied
                2. Fury
                3. The Word


                SIDE D

                1. Beautiful, Loved and Blessed (featuring Tamar)
                2. The Dance
                3. Get On The Boat
                3121 CD

                Prince 3121 CD


                3121 CD

                by Prince
                RELEASE DATE: 8th February 2019

                “Never mind what time it is, the party’s just begun…” Prince’s chart-topping 3121 is back in print for the first time in over a decade! Originally released in 2006, this album features wall-to-wall jamz from the gentle “Te Amo Corazon” to the non-stop groove of “Black Sweat.”


                1. 3121
                2. Lolita
                3. Te Amo Corazon
                4. Black Sweat
                5. Incense and Candles
                6. Love
                7. Satisfied
                8. Fury
                9. The Word
                10. Beautiful, Loved and Blessed (featuring Tamar)
                11. The Dance
                12. Get On The Boat
                1989 (2LP)

                Ryan Adams 1989 (2LP)


                1989 (2LP)

                by Ryan Adams

                'Prolific singer-songwriter Ryan Adams releases his highly anticipated ode/homage/interpretation of '1989,' the blockbuster album from Taylor Swift.


                LP 1 Side A
                Welcome to New York
                Blank Space

                LP 1 Side B
                Out of the Woods
                All You Had to Do Was Stay
                Shake It Off

                LP 2 Side A
                I Wish You Would
                Bad Blood
                Wildest Dreams

                LP 2 Side B
                How You Get the Girl
                This Love
                I Know Places
                Give 'em Enough Rope (Vinyl)

                Give 'em Enough Rope (Vinyl)

                by The Clash
                For their second album, the Clash worked with the American hard rock producer Sandy Pearlman, best-known for his work with Blue Öyster Cult and the Dictators. The teaming was quite controversial within the punk community, and the sound of Give 'Em Enough Rope is considerably cleaner, yet the more direct sound hardly tamed the Clash. While the record doesn't burn with the same intense, amateurish energy of The Clash, it does have a big, forceful sound that is nearly as powerful. What keeps Give 'Em Enough Rope from being a classic is its slightly inconsistent material. Many of the songs are outright classics, particularly the first half of the record ("Safe European Home," "English Civil War," "Tommy Gun," "Julie's Been Working for the Drug Squad") and "Stay Free," but the group loses some momentum toward the end of the record. Even with such flaws, Give 'Em Enough Rope ranks as one of the strongest albums of the punk era.
                The Heavy Entertainment Show (Vinyl) (2LP)

                The Heavy Entertainment Show (Vinyl) (2LP)

                by Robbie Williams

                'Robbie Williams released his studio album “The Heavy Entertainment Show” on November 4. The album debuted at #4 on the ARIA chart, and #1 on the UK chart. This is Robbie’s first album to released on Sony Music, and he now holds the record for the most #1 albums for a UK solo artist (surpassing Elvis Presley with 11), and the 2nd highest number of #1 studio albums in UK chart history behind only The Beatles!

                The album features songs co-written with Guy Chambers, John Grant, Rufus Wainwright, Brandon Flowers/The Killers, Ed Sheeran and Stuart Price – and, from above, Serge Gainsbourg and Sergei Prokofiev. Robbie’s brand new single ‘Love My Life’ was written by Robbie and Johnny McDaid (Snow Patrol) with Gary Go. The song is dedicated to both of Robbie’s children, describing his hopes and ambitions for them. ’Love My Life’ is now #49 airplay and went to #4 iTunes off the back of Robbie’s performance on X Factor.


                SIDE a
                 The Heavy Entertainment Show
                 Party Like a Russian
                 Mixed Signals
                 Love My Life
                SIDE B
                 Bruce Lee
                 David’s Song

                SIDE C
                 Pretty Woman
                 Hotel Crazy
                 When You Know
                SIDE D
                 Time On Earth
                 I Don’t Want to Hurt You
                 Best Intentions
                 Marry Me