Lacuna Coil

Delirium (LP+CD)

Lacuna Oil Delirium (LP+CD)


Delirium (LP+CD)

by Lacuna Oil

Italian heavy rockers Lacuna Coil hreturn with their new album, "Delirium," out via Century Media!

The hotly anticipated new album was produced by Lacuna Coil bassist and main songwriter Marco "Maki" Coti-Zelati, with engineering by Marco Barusso and additional assistance from Dario Valentini.

"Delirium" is Lacuna Coil's first album to featuring American drummer Ryan Blake Folden, who has been touring with the band since 2012.


The House Of Shame
Broken Things
Blood, Tears, Dust
Take Me Home
You Love Me Cause I Hate you
Ghost In The Mist
My Demons
Ultima Rati