Intervention (LP+CD)

KMPFSPRT Intervention (LP+CD)


Intervention (LP+CD)


Kmpfsprt from Cologne didn't just make a name for themselves with their acclaimed debut releases 'Das ist doch kein Name für 'ne Band' (translating to "That's Not A Name For A Band!" - EP, 2012) and 'Jugend mutiert' (German for "Youth Mutates" - album, 2014), but also by playing countless tours with artists such as Casper, Jennifer Rostock, Donots, A Wilhelm Scream, Saves The Day or their label mates in Marathonmann as well as Adam Angst in the fall of 2015.

After getting together in 2010 it didn't take too long before the band played high profile festivals throughout Germany such as Melt!, Greenville, Deichbrand, Serengeti, Open Flair, Bochum Total or Reeperbahn Festival.

While always keeping things tongue-in-cheek and a positive undertone Kmpfsprt like to take a firm stand in their lyrics: against any form of racism, nationalism and hatred, but for an open society showing solidarity instead of accepting borders, injustices and any walls in people's minds.


Soundtrack zum Aufprall
Ich hor die Single nicht
Wir bleiben wach
2014 24/7
Loschen Zuruckspulen
Mit Anlauf Pamphlet