Kevin Bloody Wilson

Kev’s Krissmas VOL. 2 (CD)

Kevin Bloody Wilson Kev’s Krissmas VOL. 2 (CD)


Kev’s Krissmas VOL. 2 (CD)

by Kevin Bloody Wilson
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Our Kev has not mellowed AT ALL since he first burst onto the scene decades ago. You’ll hear that for yourself when you wrap your ears around KEV’S KRISSMAS Vol 2… THE funniest Christmas album you’ll ever own!

The Bawdy Ballad has been around forever. The Bard, William Shakespeare, wrote bawdy verse. Scotland’s Wee Robbie Burns wrote an entire book of dirty ditties and bawdy poems. The Bawdy Ballad has lifted the spirits of Troops from both sides of wartime conflicts and who of us doesn’t remember at least two or three bawdy limericks. Yet, in todays politically correct times, it seems only one person is perpetuating and preserving this unique art form – Kevin Bloody Wilson.


This album is a perfect example of KBW’s Master Craftsmanship and further proof that Kevin Bloody Wilson is the sole owner of an entire genre of music. The Contemporary Bawdy Ballad. Some politically correct snowflakes may find the contents of this album offensive........

... Kev doesn’t give a f*&k!


1. Silent Wife

2. The Tokeable Krissmas Tree

3. Deck the Halls

4. Away with a Stranger

5. Dingle Berries

6. Oh Cum by the Face-full

7. Go Tell it to a Mountain Goat

8. Santa’s Cunt List

9. Drrrunk

10. Hoe Hoe Hoe for Krissmas

11. A Lot Like Syphilis

12. Santa Clause was Goin’ to Town

13. All My Krissmases Cum at Once