Out Of Respect For The Dead (Vinyl)

The death metal masters Grave from Stockholm will teach you another lesson in violence with their 11th studio release, 'Out Of Respect For The Dead!'

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Grave in the group's own Studio Soulless in Stockholm, 'Out Of Respect For The Dead' sounds like it was meant to violate and execute. Songs such as "Mass Grave Mass," "Redeemed Through Hate," and the title track feel as if they were unearthed from the early '90s.

But 'Out Of Respect For The Dead' isn't just 50-minutes of mindless brawn and cro-magnon posturing. "Plain Pine Box," "The Ominous 'They'" and the nine-minute closing epic, "Grotesque Glory," represent Grave's other side. They counter the relentless with the slow and creepy.

'Out Of Respect For The Dead' is by Grave for Grave and their followers. "Trends come and go in every music genre," Lindgren says. "Even within metal music. Death metal fans are among the most loyal there are. And that's why the genre and all its great bands are still going strong."


Intro / Mass Grave Mass
2. Flesh Before My Eyes
3. Plain Pine Box
4. Out Of Respect For The Dead
5. The Ominous "They"
6. Redeemed Through Hate
7. Deified
8. Trail Of Ungodly Trades
9. Grotesque Glory