Foster The People

Sacred Hearts Club (Vinyl)

Foster The People Sacred Hearts Club (Vinyl)


Sacred Hearts Club (Vinyl)

by Foster The People

Foster the People has announced that its forthcoming third album, Sacred Hearts Club, will be released on July 21.
Founded in in 2009, Foster the People achieved success with the 2011 release of its debut album Torches, which has sold nearly two million albums and over nine million singles worldwide. Torches features the #1 hit single “Pumped Up Kicks,”
Foster the People garnered three Grammy nominations for its monumental debut, including Best Alternative Album, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Pumped Up Kicks” and Best Short Form Music Video for “Houdini.” Supermodel was the second full-length record from Foster the People. Influenced by frontman Mark Foster’s world travels and shifting perspective.

1.       Pay the Man
2.       Doing it for the Money
3.       Sit Next to Me
4.       Sacred Hearts Club 
5.       I Love my Friends
6.       Orange Dream
7.       Static Space Lover
8.       Lotus Eater
9.       Time to get Closer
10.   Loyal Like Sid and Nancy
11.   Harden the Paint
12.   III