First Aid Kit

Ruins (Digital Download)

First Aid Kit Ruins (Digital Download)


Ruins (Digital Download)

by First Aid Kit


Ruins has been named one of the most anticipated albums of 2018 by The Wall Street Journal, Consequence of Sound, Cosmopolitan, and more. Pitchfork praises Ruins as “a showcase for [First Aid Kit’s] sweet harmonies, with some bold stylistic departures.” NME awards the album 4 out of 5 stars and declares: “‘Ruins’ is a lush, expansive release that uses the siblings’ uncanny blood harmony to full effect, elevating their low-key folk songs into something majestic.” American Songwriter contemplates: “The album is a penetrating exploration of self-aware millennial restlessness and ambition: what does it mean to want something more out of life?”


  1. Rebel Heart
  2. It's a Shame
  3. Fireworks
  4. Postcard
  5. To Live a Life
  6. My Wild Sweet Love
  7. Distant Star
  8. Ruins
  9. Hem of Her Dress
  10. Nothing Has to Be True