The Paper Kites (Deluxe Double Edition)

by The Paper Kites

On The Train Ride Home + On the Corner Where You Live

Since forming in Melbourne The Paper Kites (which includes frontman Sam Bentley, vocalist Christina Lacy, guitarist Dave Powys, drummer Josh Bentley and bassist Sam Rasmussen) have earned a loyal, organic fan base. In the eight years since they formed, what’s followed is an impressive reach of their music, with steady international touring, nearly 47 million combined YouTube views and over 260 million streams.

The Paper Kites co-produced new album “On the Corner Where You Live” with Grammy-winner Peter Katis (Gang Of Youths, The National, Interpol) at his studio in Connecticut – a 120 year old Victorian era home that the band lived and recorded in for 5 weeks. “On the Corner Where You Live” wafts evocatively with noir-ish saxophones, guitars, ambient traffic, even the languid sound of rain. Its levitating and bittersweet, heavy-hearted stories that are resoundingly universal.

“On the Corner Where You Live” (out September 21), is the Australian band’s melancholic, mid-tempo companion to the recently released album, “On the Train Ride Home.”

On The Train Ride Home was released digitally only for their fans earlier this year. For a Limited time both albums have been packaged together for a Deluxe Double Edition.


CD 1

  1. Nothing More Than That
  2. On the Train Ride Home
  3. Arms
  4. Between the Houses
  5. Only One
  6. It's Not Like You
  7. Standing in the Rain
  8. How Long


CD 2

  1. A Gathering On 57th
  2. Give Me Your Fire, Give Me Your Rain
  3. Deep Burn Blue
  4. Mess We Made
  5. Flashes
  6. Red Light
  7. On the Corner Where You Live
  8. Midtown Waitress
  9. When It Hurts You
  10. Does it Ever Cross Your Mind
  11. Don't Keep Driving