Fates Warning

Theories Of Flight (2LP + CD)

Fates Warning Theories Of Flight (2LP + CD)


Theories Of Flight (2LP + CD)

by Fates Warning

Right from the impressive first minutes of their new album, Fates Warning proves itself to be one of those rare veteran bands capable of delivering new material as poignant as powerful as their many high points of the past. One listen to the textures, momentum, attack and emotion in "From The Rooftops," and it's apparent that the band who defined progressive metal with albums such as 'Awaken The Guardian,' 'Perfect Symmetry,' 'Parallels' and 'A Pleasant Shade Of Gray' has plenty of new paths to travel...

Performed by the core lineup that returned to form with 2013's 'Darkness In A Different Light' (guitarist Jim Matheos, vocalist Ray Alder, bassist Joey Vera, and drummer Bobby Jarzombek), Fates Warning's twelfth album, 'Theories Of Flight,' is a new facet of the band's signature mix of melodic finesse, high-level performance and brooding melancholy.


From The Rooftops
Seven Stars
The Light And Shade Of Things
White Flag
Like Stars Our Eyes Have Seen
The Ghosts Of Home
Theories of Flight