Fairground Attraction

The First Of A Million Kisses (Pink & Black Smoke 12" Vinyl)

Limited 30th Anniversary edition of 1.000 individually numbered copies on pink & black mixed 180-gram vinyl

The British folk and soft rock band Fairground Attraction formed in 1987 and released their first album The First of a Million Kisses. The album and the No1 single ‘Perfect’ both won best album and single  respectively  at  the  1989  Brit  Awards.  The music on the album is a blend of jazz, skiffle and Cajun elements. Their timeless music on their debut album is wonderful in every way. They’re plucking and brushing, while integrating folky sounds in their music.




1. A Smile In A Whisper

2. Perfect

3. Moon On The Rain

4. Find My Love

5. Fairground Attraction

6. The Wind Knows My Name


1. Clare

2. Comedy Waltz

3. The Moon is Mine

4. Station Street

5. Whispers

6. Allelujah