Dizzy Gillespie

Pleyel Jazz Concert 1948 (Vinyl)

Dizzy Gillespie Pleyel Jazz Concert 1948 (Vinyl)


Pleyel Jazz Concert 1948 (Vinyl)

by Dizzy Gillespie

RELEASE DATE: 17th November, 2017

'Direct from France comes Vogue Jazz Club, a fantastic new vinyl product line which revives Jazz records from the 1950s. These ten coloured vinyl titles - from artists such as Sidney Bechet, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie - feature unique hand-drawn artwork and will look incredibly striking in-store. All titles are taken from the legendary Disques Vogue catalogue.


 1. Round About Midnight
  2. Algo Bueno
  3. I Can't Get Started
  4. Ool-Ya-Koo
  5. Afro-Cuban Drum Suite
  6. Things to Come
  7. Oop-Pap-Ada
  8. Two Bass Hit
  9. Good Bait