Devin Townsend EMPATH (CD)



by Devin Townsend

Over the past few years, the success that Devin Townsend has slowly worked for has fortunately come with the power to control his own creative destiny.

On this album Devin has decided to see what would happen if all the styles that make up his current interests were finally represented in one place. To finally shake the fear of expectation, and just do what it is he was meant to do creatively, 'EMPATH', true to the name, is about allowing the audience a feeling for a variety of musical emotions. The musical dynamics represented on this single album are broad, challenging, and immense. To approach this sort of work with a long history of what makes heavy music ‘heavy’, allows this to be done with a type of power rarely heard. 

A bold statement with massive production values and dynamic, uncompromised musicality. This is a statement about not only pursuing creative freedom in a conservative scene, but also trying to show that heavy music is truly a valid musical tool.



1                    Castaway
2                    Genesis
3                    Spirits Will Collide
4                    Evermore
5                    Sprite
6                    Hear Me
7                    Why?
8                    Borderlands
9                    Requiem
10                 Singularity: Adrift
11                 Singularity: I Am I
12                 Singularity: There Be Monsters
13                 Singularity: Curious Gods
14                 Singularity: Silicone Scientists
15                 Singularity: Here Comes The Sun!