Daddy Cool

Daddy Cool? Daddy Who? (Vinyl)

Daddy Cool? Daddy Who? (Vinyl)

by Daddy Cool

Daddy Who?... Daddy Cool was the debut album by Australian rock band Daddy Cool.

Released in July, 1971 it was the first on Robie Porter's Sparmac label.

It was the first Australian album to make #1 nationally[ and stayed at #1 for seven weeks, it smashed all previous sales records - gold within a month - an unprecedented 60,000 copies sold in its initial release, and went on to become the first Australian LP to sell more than 100,000 copies.

Two singles were lifted from the album: "Eagle Rock" #1 on the Australian national singles chart and "Come Back Again" which reached #3.Again" which reached #3.


1.Daddy Cool
2.School Days
3. Come Back Again
4. At The Rockhouse
5. Guided Missiles
6. Good Rockin’ Daddy
7. Eagle Rock

2 Zoop Bop Gold Cadillac
3 .Blind Date
4. Bom Bom
5 .Cherry Pie
6. Flip
7. Lollipop
8. Just as Long as we’re Together
9. Come Back Again (Single Edit)