Planet Earth (Purple Vinyl)

by Prince
RELEASE DATE: 8th February 2019

“Imagine holding Planet Earth in the palm of your hand…” For the first time, Prince’s unforgettable 2007 album can be a part of your vinyl collection. Rediscover your favourite tracks on this premiere purple vinyl pressing, from “Guitar” and “Chelsea Rodgers” to the Grammy-nominated “Future Baby Mama.”

1x 180gm LP, purple vinyl in single pocket jacket with lenticular tip on cover, Printed sleeves



  1. Planet Earth
  2. Guitar
  3. Somewhere Here On Earth
  4. The One U Wanna C


  1. Future Baby Mama
  2. Mr Goodnight
  3. All The Midnights In The World
  4. Chelsea Rogers
  5. Lion Of Judah
  6. Resolution