CIn Contact 2LP + CD (Red vinyl – Australian exclusive colour)

by Caligula's Horse
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'Caligula’s Horse, a band at the forefront of Australia’s progressive rock scene, will release their forthcoming fourth studio album, ‘In Contact’, on the 15th September 2017 via Inside Out Music.  As with their second album ‘The Tide, the Thief & River’s End’, the band decided to hang a concept around the entire record, taking it in a direction that would end up being the opposite of its predecessor ‘Bloom’. Taking in four separate chapters, each one is dedicated to an individual and their own personal journey, and how they express themselves through art. The music on ‘In Contact’ stretched all of the band's abilities, from the frantic speed and complexity of ‘Will’s Song (Let the Colours Run)’ to the immense scope and variety of the 16-minute album closer, ‘Graves’. This is Caligula’s Horse at their most ambitious and progressive.


1. Dream the Dead
2. Will's Song (Let the Colours Run)
3. The Hands are the Hardest
4. Love Conquers All
5. Songs for No One
6. Capulet
7. Fill My Heart
8. Inertia and the Weapon of the Wall
9. The Cannon's Mouth
10. Graves