Benjamin Francis Leftwich

After The Rain (Vinyl)

Benjamin Francis Leftwich After The Rain (Vinyl)


After The Rain (Vinyl)

by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Released through Dirty Hit (Wolf Alice, The 1975) and Sony Music Entertainment Australia, Benjamin Francis Leftwich'S 'After The Rain' follows the release of his 2011 acclaimed debut album 'Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm.'

That record went on to sell 100,000 copies worldwide, and Leftwich's life was thrown into an unexpected path when he went through one of the hardest things in life; the loss of a parent and his number one source of inspiration, his father.
Coming at the peak of Ben's success and stuck between tours and caring for his ailing father, Ben invited producers to his hometown in an attempt to work on new material, to muted results. Now, the Charlie Andrew (Alt-J, Money) produced new album is a body of work that is the sound of Benjamin finding peace with himself once more. Written during those months which saw him at his lowest, it is a creation that exists between light and dark; one that is delicate yet grand, melancholic yet optimistic, whilst remaining utterly timeless. Tilikum', the album's opener, was written in the living room opposite his father's old house, when Ben returned to York desperate to glean positivity from the isolation he felt.



Some Other Arms
She Will Sing
Kicking Roses
Just Breathe
Cocaine Doll
Day by Day
Frozen Moor
Just As I Was Walking Up