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Gang of Youths Go Farther In Lightness Vinyl 2LP

Go Farther In Lightness (Vinyl) (2LP)

by Gang of Youths
Sold out

'Gang Of Youths is back with their long-awaited full-length studio release, entitled 'Go Farther In Lightness!' The new album follows on from 2016's 'Let Me Be Clear' EP as well as the massive album 'The Positions' (2015)

LP release includes download card


Fear and Trembling
What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
Atlas Drowned
Keep Me In The Open

L'imaginaire (break)
Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane
Go Farther In Lightness (break)
Achilles Come Down

Le Symbolique (break)
Let Me Down Easy
The Heart Is A Muscle

Le Réel (break)
The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows
Our Time Is Short
Amy Shark / Night Thinker Vinyl LP

Amy Shark Night Thinker (Vinyl)


Night Thinker (Vinyl)

by Amy Shark

NIGHT THINKER EP features the brand new single ‘Weekends’ which was produced by Dann Hume (Matt Corby, Daniel Johns, Courtney Barnett).

"Weekends’ is an extremely personal song, I actually wrote the guitar part about 5 years ago which sounds crazy, but I couldn't think of any lyrics good enough to match the guitar so I let it go for so many years, until now! I’m so excited to announce the release of my debut EP Night Thinker, this body of work has been brewing for a very long time, I held nothing back on this EP and it's going to be an incredible feeling once it's finally released to the world” 

The new single follows on from the enormous success of Amy Shark’s breakout track, ‘Adore’, which has now officially surpassed 10 million streams on Spotify. ‘Adore’ was placed #2 on triple j’s Hottest 100, peaked at #3 on the ARIA chart, #1 on the Australian iTunes chart, #1 on the Australian Shazam chart and #5 on the Australian Spotify chart. The brooding, coming-of-age track is also short-listed for the Top 5 APRA Song of The Year and is officially accredited with Double Platinum sales in Australia.


Drive You Mad
Worst Girl feat. Allday
Blood Brothers


    Harry Styles Vinyl LP

    Harry Styles Harry Styles (Vinyl)


    Harry Styles (Vinyl)

    by Harry Styles
    Sold out

    'Harry Styles is set to release his highly anticipated self-titled debut album globally on Friday May 12th on Columbia Records through Sony Music Entertainment Australia. The 10-track album features the lead single ‘Sign of the Times’, which topped the charts in over 84 countries upon release day including Australia. The album was executive produced by Jeff Bhasker, with additional production from Alex Salibian, Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon. 



    SIDE A
    1. Meet Me in the Hallway
    2. Sign of the Times
    3. Carolina
    4. Two Ghosts
    5. Sweet Creature
    SIDE B
    6. Only Angel
    7. Kiwi
    8. Ever Since New York
    9. Woman
    10. From the Dining Table


      DAYS GO BY (2CD)

      Daryl Braithwaite DAYS GO BY (2CD)


      DAYS GO BY (2CD)

      by Daryl Braithwaite

      More than two decades on from the partnership that produced the multi-platinum albums Edge (1988) and Rise (1990), Sony Music Australia is ecstatic to announce the release of the legendary Daryl Braithwaite’s album ‘Days Go By’.

      The album showcases Daryl’s career highlights to date and features brand new music.


        CD 1
      1 As the Days Go By
      2 The Horses
      3 When we were kings
      4 Up on the roof
      5 If You Leave Me Now
      6 In Your Eyes
      7 Motor's Too Fast
      8 One Summer
      9 Let Me Be
      10 Not Too Late
      11 Rise
      12 Higher Than Hope
      13 All I Do
      14 Ain't No Angels

        CD 2
      1 You're My World
      2 If You Walked Away
      3 Old Sid
      4 Love Like a Child
      5 Princess
      6 Beautiful Feeling
      7 Don't Hold Back Your Love
      8 Time
      9 Afterglow (Of Your Love)
      10 Cavalry
      11 Love Has No Pride
      12 Sugar Train
      13 Where the Poor Boys Dance
      14 Duende
      Daryl Braithwaite Rise LIMITED EDITION BLUE VINYL LP

      Daryl Braithwaite Edge (Blue Vinyl)


      Edge (Blue Vinyl)

      by Daryl Braithwaite


      Edge released in November 1988. It reached No. 1 on the Australian ARIA Charts for 3 weeks in 1989.
      Braithwaite toured the album across Australia and New Zealand in 1989 and the album was certified 3x platinum in October 1989.
      Singles Release and Chart Positons.
      September 1988   As the Days Go By /#11
      October 1988   All I Do /#23
      January 1989   One Summer /#8
      April 1989   Let Me Be/ #26


      SIDE A
      1.As the Days Go By
      2.You Could Be Wrong
      3.All I Do
      4.Let Me Be
      5.Sugar Train

      SIDE B
      1.It's All in The Music
      2.One Summer
      4.All The Same
      5.Pretending to Care
      Midnight Oil Complete Vinyl Boxset

      Midnight Oil Complete Vinyl Boxset


      Complete Vinyl Boxset

      by Midnight Oil

      Introducing the Complete Midnight Oil Vinyl Collection from Sony Legacy and Sony Music Australia.

      This definitive Oils collection includes all of Midnight Oils’ 11 classic studio LP’s, plus their two 12” EP’s on 180gsm vinyl in one complete box. Each vinyl has been remastered from the original tapes by Steve Smart at Studios 301, Sydney and then mastered for Vinyl at Abbey Road Studios, London.

      The artwork has been painstakingly restored to match the original releases and this deluxe box set includes the original alternative album cover for Capricornia.

      Midnight Oil is more than just a rock & roll band. From their beginnings as an inner city punk group gigging around Australian pubs in the late 70’s they grew into one of Australia’s most successful international rock bands in the 80’s and 90’s. Midnight Oil followed nobody else’s rules. They blazed trails, they took stands and they pushed all boundaries. Most importantly, across a quarter of a century this iconic band created a uniquely Australian sound that is captured here in one complete vinyl collection for the very first time.


      Midnight Oil
      Head Injuries
      Bird Noises EP
      Place Without a Postcard
      10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
      Red Sails in the Sunset
      Species Deceases EP
      Diesel and Dust
      Blue Sky Mining
      Earth and Sun and Moon
      Redneck Wonderland
      The Overflow Tank (Boxset)

      Midnight Oil The Overflow Tank (Boxset)


      The Overflow Tank (Boxset)

      by Midnight Oil

      Introducing Midnight Oil’s “OVERFLOW TANK” from Sony Legacy and Sony Music Australia.

      This treasure trove for true fans includes over 14 hours of previously unreleased and currently unavailable sound and vision from throughout Midnight Oil’s stellar career. As with its companion piece the Full Tank, the Overflow Tank is made out of recycled materials and housed in a miniature replica water tank like the one seen onstage at so many Midnight Oil gigs.

      It is the ultimate Oils collection containing one CD of unreleased studio recordings, one CD of unavailable
      B-sides and rarities plus 2 live CD’s drawn from iconic shows across two decades. It also includes 8 DVD’s; MTV UNPLUGGED, a live concert from South Africa’s Ellis Park, and ONLY THE STRONG, a behind the scenes documentary about the making of 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” (all previously unreleased).

      Plus the films BLACK RAIN FALLS, OILS ON THE WATER, SATURDAY NIGHT AT THE CAPITOL, BLACKFELLA WHITEFELLA” and a special bonus DVD with rare and unseen live footage from 6 different shows.

      Each of the 12 discs has its own new unique artwork and the tank also contains a deluxe 36 page booklet containing rare photos and an exclusive 5,000 word essay about Midnight Oil by renowned Australian writer, Andrew Stafford.


      Lasseter’s Gold (unearthed)
      Chiko Locallo (b sides and rarities)
      Live at the Wireless – Studio 221
      Punter Barrier BPM (Live)

      MTV Unplugged (Live)
      Black Rain Falls (Documentary/Live)
      Saturday Night at the Capitol (Live)
      Oils on the Water (Live)
      Only the Strong - The Making of 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (Documentary)
      Blackfella Whitefella (Documentary/Live)
      Ellis Park - The Concert (Live)
      Moments In Space (Live)
      The Full Tank (Boxset)

      Midnight Oil The Full Tank (Boxset)


      The Full Tank (Boxset)

      by Midnight Oil
      Sold out

      The Full Tank

      Introducing Midnight Oil's Full Tank ۝ from Sony Legacy and Sony Music Australia.This is the definitive Oils CD/DVD collection. It includes, for the first time ever, all of their 11 classic studio albums, their two EPs, plus a new DVD called 40,000 Watt RSL that contains all of the band's unforgettable music videos. Each album has been digitally remastered over recent years and its artwork has been restored to match the original releases. This ultimate collection also includes some alternative album covers, plus a new cover for the DVD. Uniquely made out of recycled materials, all of these 14 discs are housed in a miniature replica water tank like the one seen onstage at so many memorable Midnight Oil concerts. This collection also contains a deluxe 36 page booklet that takes you on a journey through the unparalleled career and music of Midnight Oil with a collection of iconic photos and an essay by Australian music journalist and musician, Sean Sennett.


      • Midnight Oil
      • Head Injuries
      • Bird Noises (ep)
      • Place Without A Postcard
      • 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
      • Red Sails In The Sunset
      • Species Deceases (ep)
      • Diesel and Dust
      • Blue Sky Mining
      • Earth and Sun and Moon
      • Breathe
      • Redneck Wonderland
      • Capricornia
      • 40,000 Watt RSL DVD

      (10hrs 36mins of music)

      Redneck Wonderland (Vinyl)

      Midnight Oil Redneck Wonderland (Vinyl)


      Redneck Wonderland (Vinyl)

      by Midnight Oil


      Redneck Wonderland is very much a response to the Australian political landscape of its time. With race and immigration issues dominant, then and today, Midnight Oil re-name Australia as something less than grand, Redneck Wonderland. Beneath the gun-toting kangaroo on the cover, you'll find a fortified, biting Midnight Oil. The title track is worth its weight in gold, while other stand-out moments include White Skin Black Heart and Safety Chain Blues. Fierce and true of heart, the Oils have never sounded better.

      SIDE A
      Redneck Wonderland
      Cemetery In My Mind
      Comfortable Palce on the Couch
      Safety Chain Blues
      Return to Sender

      SIDE B
      The Great Gibber Plain
      Seeing Is Believing
      White Skin Black Heart
      What Goes On
      Drop in the Ocean
      Capricornia (Vinyl)

      Midnight Oil Capricornia (Vinyl)


      Capricornia (Vinyl)

      by Midnight Oil


      Released in 2002, Capricaornia saw Midnight Oil move to a stripped back sound, with acoustic and clean electric guitars dominating the sound of the album (Golden Age, Luritja Way, Under the Overpass), although some tracks (Too Much Sunshine, Mosquito March, Poets and Slaves) feature significant distorted guitars. These latter tracks also feature distorted vocals. The album also features a short piano solo track (A Crocodile Cries) in the middle of the record, the melody of which is reprised for the album closing Poets and Slaves.

      The track Say Your Prayers, which appears on US version of the album and was one of the four new tracks on The Real Thing, has been included on this newly sequenced track listing, only for the vinyl release.


      SIDE A
      Golden Age
      Too Much Sunshine
      Lurijita Way
      Tone Poem
      A Crocodile Cries
      Mosquito March

      SIDE B
      Say Your Prayers
      Been Away Too Long
      Under the Overpass
      World That I See
      Poets and Slaves
      Essential Oils - The Great Circle Tour Edition (2CD)


      The Oils are back with a sold out tour of Australia. After conquering the world Midnight Oil start their Australian leg of the tour in Alice Springs and head around the country ending in their home town of Sydney in late November.

      ESSENTIAL OILS is the definitive collection handpicked by the band and distilled from their amazing 25 year recording legacy, this two disc set is a chronological history; a road trip through the very best of the band’s 14 studio albums and two groundbreaking EP’s. The package features remastered audio, liner notes by Rolling Stone Magazine Senior Editor, David Fricke and rare images from the Oil’s archive.

       From early tracks such as Cold Cold Change, Back On The Borderline and Armistice Day, to breakthrough Australian hits Power And The Passion and Read About It, to the songs that put them on the world stage; Beds Are Burning, The Dead Heart, Blue Sky Mine and Truganini; the length and breadth of Midnight Oil’s recorded catalogue is staggering.

      1. Run By Night
      2. Cold Cold Change
      3. Back On the Borderline
      4. Wedding Cake Island
      5. No Time for Games
      6. Don’t Wanna Be the One
      7. Armistice Day
      8. Lucky Country
      9. Only the Strong
      10. Short Memory
      11. Read About It
      12. US Forces
      13. Power and the Passion
      14. When the Generals Talk
      15. Best of Both Worlds
      16. Kosciusko
      17. Progress
      18. Hercules

      1. Beds Are Burning
      2. Put Down That Weapon
      3. Dreamworld
      4. The Dead Heart
      5. Warakurna
      6. Blue Sky Mine
      7. Forgotten Years
      8. King of the Mountain
      9. One Country
      10. Truganini
      11. My Country
      12. In the Valley
      13. Surf’s Up Tonight
      14. Redneck Wonderland
      15. White Skin Black Heart
      16. Say Your Prayers
      17. Golden Age
      18. Luritja Way
      Diesel And Dust (Vinyl)

      Midnight Oil Diesel And Dust (Vinyl)


      Diesel And Dust (Vinyl)

      by Midnight Oil


      180gm audiophile vinyl, in gatefold sleeve

      Diesel and Dust' is the sixth studio album by Australian rock band Midnight Oil, first released in August 1987 by Spirit Music label under Columbia Records.

      'Diesel and Dust' was produced by Warne Livesey and the band. It is a concept album about the struggles of Indigenous Australians and environmental causes, issues important to the band.

      It drew inspiration from the Blackfella/Whitefella Tour of remote Indigenous communities with the Warumpi Band and Gondwanaland in 1986. The album peaked at No. 1 on the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart for six weeks.

      In 1989, Rolling Stone magazine ranked it No. 13 on their list of the 100 best albums of the 1980s. In October 2010 it was listed at No. 1 in the book 100 Best Australian Albums.

      Newly remastered for vinyl, 180gm audiophile vinyl, in gatefold sleeve

      LP - SIDE A

      Beds Are Burning
      Put Down That Weapon
      Arctic World
      LP - SIDE B

      The Dead Heart
      Sell My Soul
      Earth and Sun and Moon (Vinyl)

      Earth and Sun and Moon (Vinyl)

      by Midnight Oil
      Produced with Nick Launay, Earth and Sun and Moon was released April 1993, and peaked at No. 2 on the ARIA Albums Chart.
      The single "Truganini" referenced multiple issues, including the 'last' Tasmanian Aboriginal, the treatment of indigenous artist Albert Namatjira, the Australian flag debate, and republicanism.
      An album dear to many a heart, Earth and Sun and Moon is riff-laden and melodic, powerful and subtle, quintessentially Australian and universal. All at the same time. Behold the amazing “Renaissance Man”, “Outbreak Of Love” and the excellent title track “Earth and Sun and Moon”.

      SIDE A
      Feeding Frenzy
      My Country
      Renaissance Man
      Earth and Sun and Moon

      SIDE B
      Drums of Heaven
      Outbreak of Love
      In the Valley
      Tell Me the Truth
      Now or Never Land
      Breathe (Vinyl)

      Midnight Oil Breathe (Vinyl)


      Breathe (Vinyl)

      by Midnight Oil


      Breathe sees Midnight Oil take a more subtle approach, without sacrificing any of the power that made them great. Country flavours dominate in “One Too Many Times”, while melody and rhythm meld in “Underwater”. The gorgeous “Surf’s Up Tonight” hints quietly at their roots, while other highlights include “Gravelrash”, “Time To Heal” and the mesmerising refrain of “Star Of Hope”. Country queen Emmylou Harris makes a guest appearance.


      SIDE A
      Surf's Up Tonight
      Common Ground
      Time To Heal
      Sins Of Omission
      One Too Many Times

      SIDE B
      Star Of Hope
      In The Rain
      Bring On The Change
      Barest Degree
      Red Sails In The Sunset (Vinyl)

      Red Sails In The Sunset (Vinyl)

      by Midnight Oil

      Red Sails in the Sunset was released in October 1984 under the Columbia Records label. It was recorded and produced in Tokyo, Japan and is significant for becoming their first No. 1 album in Australia. The cover image, by Japanese artist Tsunehisa Kimura, depicts Sydney Harbour after a hypothetical nuclear strike. Some of its tracks were performed live in January 1985 at a Sydney Harbour Goat Island concert to celebrate radio station Triple J's 10th birthday.
      Red Sails in the Sunset contains the only Midnight Oil tracks with lead vocals provided by their drummer Rob Hirst, "When the Generals Talk" and "Kosciusko". The album spawned two singles, "When the Generals Talk" and "Best of Both Worlds".

      SIDE A
      When The Generals Talk
      Best Of Both Worlds
      Minutes To Midnight
      Jimmy Sharman's Boxers

      SIDE B
      Who Can Stand In The Way
      Helps Me Helps You
      Bells And Horns In The Back Of Beyond
      Shipyards Of New Zealand
      Head Injuries (Vinyl)

      Midnight Oil Head Injuries (Vinyl)


      Head Injuries (Vinyl)

      by Midnight Oil
      Still recording on their own Powderworks label, Midnight Oil broke through to commercial success in their native Australia with their second album, Head Injuries, which, like their debut, was a record full of tightly arranged, furiously played and sung, fast-paced rock & roll numbers. Lead singer Peter Garrett, singing angry, sometimes politically oriented (but not, at least to international listeners, entirely clear) lyrics, took a backseat to the guitar work of Jim Moginie and Martin Rotsey and especially to the driving drumming of Rob Hirst. Head Injuries was a stirring collection that served notice Midnight Oil was ready to compete beyond the borders of Australia.

      SIDE A
      Cold Cold Change
      Section 5 (Bus To Bondi)
      Naked Flame
      Back On The Borderline
      Koala Sprint

      SIDE B
      No Reaction
      Stand In Line
      Is It Now?
      Midnight Oil (Vinyl)

      Midnight Oil Midnight Oil (Vinyl)


      Midnight Oil (Vinyl)

      by Midnight Oil
      180gm audiophile vinyl

      Already well on their way to becoming one of the best live acts this country has ever produced, Midnight Oil released their debut album on their own, newly-formed label, Powderworks, in 1978.

      A kind of pre-politicised version of the Oils, some of the many mighty tracks include "Used And Abused" and the single "Run By Night". Only a hint of what was to come...

      Newly remastered for vinyl, 180gm audiophile vinyl

      LP - SIDE A

      Head Over Heels
      Used And Abused
      LP - SIDE B

      Surfing With A Spoon
      Run By Night
      Nothing Lost - Nothing Gained
      10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (GOLD SERIES CD)
      This early Midnight Oil release contains many of the songs and stances which they would come to be identified with. A political album, the most unconservative Oils stomp their way through the incendiary US Forces and Power And The Passion. The intense Short Memory tells of their anti-war agenda, while Only the Strong remains one of their most potent tracks. Unbelievably excellent.

      1. Outside World
      2. Only The Strong
      3. Short Memory
      4. Read About It
      5. Scream In Blue
      6. Us Forces
      7. Power & The Passion
      8. Maralinga
      9. Tin-Legs & Tin Mines
      10. Somebody's Trying To Tell Me Something


      Place Without A Postcard (Vinyl)

      Place Without A Postcard (Vinyl)

      by Midnight Oil


      Place Without a Postcard is the third studio album by Midnight Oil, which was released in November 1981 under Sprint Music.

      Place without a Postcard peaked at No. 12 on the albums charts and related singles "Don’t Wanna be the One" (No. 40) and "Armistice Day" reached the Top 40 in Australia.

      SIDE A
      Don’t Wanna Be the One
      Brave Faces
      Armistice Day
      Someone Else To Blame
      Basement Flat

      SIDE B
      Written In the Heart
      Quinella Holiday
      Loves on Sale
      If Ned Kelly Was King
      Lucky Country
      Species Deceases (Vinyl)

      Midnight Oil Species Deceases (Vinyl)


      Species Deceases (Vinyl)

      by Midnight Oil
      180gm audiophile vinyl, 45RPM

      Released in 1985 'Species Deceases' was Midnight Oil's second four-track EP.

      Stand out tracks include "Progress" - a fine guitar anthem with tons of solid riffs, and "Hercules" - exciting dynamics, a nice singalong chorus, and even some backwards guitars on the fade.

      Newly remastered for vinyl, 180gm audiophile vinyl, 45RPM

      LP - SIDE A

      LP - SIDE B

      Blossom and Blood