FACE MY FEARS (12" Vinyl)


Japanese Popstar, Hikaru Utada has released the highly anticipated Face My Fears EP. The EP features English and Japanese versions of the title-track collaboration with 8-time Grammy Award-winning recording artist/DJ/producer, Skrillex and producer/ songwriter, Poo Bear. Utada and Skrillex, both fans of each other’s work and supporters of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, composed the new track as the opening theme song for the video game, Kingdom Hearts III (Square Enix Ltd. /Disney).

Skrillex, a long-time and self-professed fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, originally intended to remix the previously revealed Hikaru Utada track, Don’t Think Twice. However owing to the pair’s friendship, this developed into the new and original collaboration, “Face My Fears,” to celebrate the game’s release. Kingdom Hearts III was released January 29, 2019 for Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, and the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system.



  1. Face My Fears (English Version)
  2. Don’t Think Twice


  1. Face My Fears (Japanese Version
  2. Chikai