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ViennaI Philharmonic & Christian Thielemann NEW YEAR’S CONCERT 2019 (BLU-RAY)



by ViennaI Philharmonic & Christian Thielemann

Release Date:  1st February, 2019

There are few concerts in the world that are awaited with as much excitement as the New Year’s Concert from Vienna. Under the direction of the finest international conductors, the Vienna Philharmonic ushers in the New Year with a traditional gala concert in the magnificent Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein. The concert is relayed to over ninety countries all round the world, reaching an audience of more than fifty million.

The 2019 New Year’s Concert will be conducted for the first time by Christian Thielemann. A native of Berlin, Thielemann has been a regular and welcome guest of the Vienna Philharmonic since 2000, with the result that his debut at a New Year’s Concert may be seen as setting an example and providing an appropriate tribute to his previous work with the orchestra. According to the orchestra’s chairman, Daniel Froschauer, orchestra and musicians trust each other completely: “The profound musical understanding and trust that have existed from the outset and that have always functioned perfectly have subsequently borne remarkable fruit in the symphonic repertory as well.”


1. Ziehrer - Schönfeld-Marsch, Op. 422

2. Josef Strauss - Transactionen, Walzer, Op. 184

3. Hellmesberger Jr. - Elfenreigen

4. Johann Strauss Jr. - Expreß, Polka schnell, Op. 311

5. Johann Strauss Jr. - Nordseebilder, Walzer, Op. 390

6. Eduard Strauss - Mit Extrapost, Polka schnell, Op. 259

7. Johann Strauss Jr. - Der Zigeunerbaron: Ouvertüre

8. Josef Strauss - Die Tänzerin, Polka française, Op. 227

9. Johann Strauss Jr. - Künstlerleben, Walzer, Op. 316

10. Johann Strauss Jr. - Die Bajadere, Polka schnell, Op. 351

11. Eduard Strauss - Opern-Soirée, Polka française, Op. 162

12. Johann Strauss Jr. - Ritter Pásmán, Op. 441: Eva-Walzer

13. Johann Strauss Jr. - Ritter Pásmán, Op. 441: Csárdás

14. Johann Strauss Jr. - Egyptischer Marsch, Op. 335

15. Hellmesberger Jr. - Entr'acte-Valse

16. Johann Strauss Jr. - Lob der Frauen, Polka Mazurka, Op. 315

17. Josef Strauss - Sphärenklänge, Walzer, Op. 235

18. TBC

19. TBC

20. TBC

21. TBC

Armistice Day: Live At The Domain, Sydney (Blu-Ray)

In February 2017 Midnight Oil take to Sydney Harbour and announce The Great Circle World Tour. The Circle will begin where the band started out - in Sydney’s pubs - then circumnavigate the globe. It will be their first tour in over 15 years.

Over the next 6 months Midnight Oil played in 16 countries across 5 continents - speaking out for a healthy planet and social justice along the way.

Eventually they returned to circle around Australia - the land that shaped the Oils and their music.

Finally this epic tour circled back to the city where it all began. The venue? Sydney’s Domain - a place that encapsulates a nation’s history. And so after 76 gigs to over half a million people around the world this is where The Great Circle would finally come to a close. Two hometown shows in this special place. The first date? November 11. Known to some as Armistice Day.

This release captures Midnight Oil at their explosive, uncompromising best.

This Blu-Ray release contains the bonus tracks No Times For Games and Only The Strong.

1            Intro                   
2            Armistice Day     
3            Reveille  
4            Redneck Wonderland
5            Read About It     
6            Lucky Country                
7            Warakurna                       
8            Hercules              
9            Truganini  
10         Section Five (Bus to Bondi)
11         Stand In Line       
12         Short Memory  
13         Treaty  
14         US Forces  
15         Kosciuszko           
16         The Dead Heart  
17         Beds Are Burning             
18         Don't Wanna Be the One
19         King of the Mountain      
20         Wedding Cake Island     
21         Power and the Passion
22         Forgotten Years  
23         Best of Both Worlds      

1         No Times for Games
2         Only the Strong

Format: BD-25
Region: All
Total Run Time: 121 minutes (approx.)


Riccardo Muti & Vienna Philharmonic NEUJAHRSKONZERT 2018 / NEW YEAR’S CONCERT 2018 (BLU-RAY)



by Riccardo Muti & Vienna Philharmonic

Few concerts can claim to generate such tremendous international interest as the New Year’s Concert from Vienna. Under the baton of the world’s leading conductors, the Vienna Philharmonic rings in the New Year with a gala concert from the magnificent setting of the Golden Hall in Vienna’s Musikverein. The event is broadcast to over 90 countries all over the world and watched by more than 50 million viewers.


In 2018 Riccardo Muti will conduct the prestigious New Year’s concert for the 5th time (1993, 1997, 2000 and 2004). Together with Zubin Mehta, Riccardo Muti is one of the most engaged New Year's Concert conductors since the era of Lorin Maazel. The conductor’s close artistic relationship with the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra celebrates 47 years, 500 concerts and dates back to 1971. In 2011, this exceptional bond was awarded with the Honorary Membership in the Vienna Philharmonic.


Johann Strauß II: Der Zigeunerbaron: Einzugsmarsch

The Gypsy Baron: Entrance March


Josef Strauß: Wiener Fresken op. 249*
Viennese Frescoes


Johann Strauß II: Brautschau op. 417*
Bridal Parade


Johann Strauß II: Leichtes Blut op. 319
Light of Heart


Johann Strauß I: Marienwalzer op. 212*
Maria Waltz


Johann Strauß I: Wilhelm Tell Galopp op. 29b*


Franz von Suppé: Boccaccio Overture*


Johann Strauß II: Myrthenblüten op. 395*
Myrtle Flowers



Alphons Czibulka: Stephanie-Gavotte op. 312*


Johann Strauß II: Freikugeln op. 326
Magic Bullets


Johann Strauß II: Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald op. 325
Tales from the Vienna Woods


Johann Strauß II: Festmarsch op. 452
Festival March


Johann Strauß II: Stadt und Land op. 322
Town and Country


Johann Strauß II: Un ballo in maschera op. 272
Ein Maskenball · A Masked Ball


Johann Strauß II: Rosen aus dem Süden op. 388
Roses from the South


Josef Strauß: Eingesendet op. 240
Letter to the Editor






The Vienna Philharmonic’s Summer Night Concert 2018 at Schönbrunn was conducted on Thursday 31 May by Valery Gergiev. The evening’s soloist was soprano Anna Netrebko. Once again this year, the concert – this “gift of the Vienna Philharmonic to all music lovers” – was recorded by Sony Classical. The annual open-air concerts has been held for the past ten years, having been introduced as successors to the “Concerts for Europe” staged between 2004 and 2007. The illustrious conductors who have directed the Summer Night Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic include Georges Prêtre, Daniel Barenboim, Franz Welser-Möst, Gustavo Dudamel, Lorin Maazel, Christoph Eschenbach, Zubin Mehta and Semyon Bychkov.


Again this year, the Summer Night Concert was given in the Baroque parkland of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Schönbrunn Palace. Free admission allowed all Viennese citizens and the city’s guests the opportunity to experience this extraordinary musical event against the enchanting backdrop of the Palace and its grounds. Each year, a concert audience of some 100,000 gathers in the heart of the Schönbrunn Palace park. In addition, millions of viewers and listeners in more than 80 countries are able to follow the concert on the internet, radio and television.


The 2018 Summer Night Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic bears the title “An Italian Night” and featured selected works from the operatic and ballet repertoire of Italian and Russian composers. Conductor Valery Gergiev is an acknowledged connoisseur and master of this music. Gergiev was appointed Artistic Director of the Kirov Opera in Leningrad, now Saint Petersburg, in 1988. Since 1996 he has been in overall charge of the opera house, known once more since 1992 under its original name, the Mariinsky Theatre. From 2007 to 2015 he directed the London Symphony Orchestra; since 2015 Valery Gergiev has been Principal Conductor of the Munich Philharmonic. He has been a regular partner of Anna Netrebko for almost two and a half decades: the soprano launched her exceptional singing career at the Mariinsky Theatre under Gergiev in 1994 and is now – between Vienna and New York, London and Milan, Salzburg and Saint Petersburg – one of the most highly sought-after singers in the world.


The Vienna Philharmonic’s “Italian Night” takes us from the days of  bel canto by way of Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini to the phenomenon of verismo with its two leading proponents Pietro Mascagni and Ruggero Leoncavallo. “Woe to us, the bel canto of our fatherland is lost,” lamented Gioacchino Rossini in 1858, almost three decades after completing his final opera, William Tell. All the same, Rossini could not guess how closely the Italian composers of a century or more ago – in a time of shifting aesthetic values – would model themselves on the supposedly outdated form of bel canto. That is evident notably in the interludes of the operas Cavalleria rusticana and Manon Lescaut, assigned to the “intermezzo sinfonico” genre. Puccini himself planned his Intermezzo in Manon Lescaut as the heart of a sequence that portrayed what must be the longest dying scene in the entire history of opera. How far the tradition of bel canto, of “beautiful singing”, continued to pervade opera is admirably demonstrated by Giacomo Puccini in his programmatic aria “Vissi d’arte” from Tosca: “I lived for art,” declares the opera singer Floria Tosca. Likewise, in Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci, Nedda the comic player celebrates the free flight of the birds, who soar aloft at will and defy all danger: “Stridono lassù”.


The programm of this year’s Summer Night Concert is rounded off with Italian-themed Russian ballet music: the Neapolitan Dance from Swan Lake by Peter Tchaikovsky and an excerpt from Sergey Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet.


1. Opening Credits

2. Rossini - Guillaume Tell: Overture: Allegro vivace (Finale)

3. Verdi - La forza del destino: Overture

4. Cilea - Adriana Lecouvreur, Act I: Io son l'umile ancella

5. Mascagni - Cavalleria rusticana: Intermezzo

6. Verdi - Aida: Triumphal March

7. Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake, Op. 20, Act III, No. 22: Neapolitan Dance

8. Prokofiev - Romeo and Juliet Suite No. 2, Op. 64ter: 1. Montagues and Capulets

9. Puccini - Tosca, Act II: Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore

10. Puccini - Manon Lescaut: Intermezzo

11. Leoncavallo - Pagliacci, Act I: Stridono lassù


12. Puccini - Gianni Schicchi: Aria O mio babbino caro

13. Fucik: Florentiner Marsch, Op. 214

14. Johann Strauss Jr: Wiener Blut. Walzer, Op. 354

15. Closing Credits


Timing approx.

70 mins






by The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Fifty years ago Jimi Hendrix returned to his native country and, in one fell swoop changed the musical landscape for all time. It was the galvanizing, U.S. debut performance of THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE at The Monterey International Pop Festival that propelled Hendrix and his bandmates, Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding, to the top ranks of international rock royalty.

THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE at Monterey is a remarkable visual and aural document that reconfirms what the Monterey audience bore witness to on June 18, 1967: Hendrix's unbridled talent and flair for showmanship are unparalleled in the annals of music. 

The set of songs that THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE performed at Monterey was introduced by Brian Jones, THE ROLLING STONES' guitarist whose presence at the festival amounted to a kind of benediction by an acknowledged rock god. He knew full well who he was introducing as Hendrix had moved to London fewer than nine months earlier and achieved icon status in the U.K. in very short order. His conquest of his native land, though, would be achieved almost instantaneously at Monterey.
"The Jimi Hendrix Experience Live At Monterey" offers all existing film footage of that epochal performance presented in its original sequence. The original 16mm camera reversal footage shot by D.A. Pennebaker's Monterey Pop film crew has been transferred to high-definition specs and is presented in its original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.33:1. The DVD soundtrack features new 5.1 surround and 2.0 stereo mixes by Eddie Kramer, the engineer so closely associated with the Jimi Hendrix and his legacy, from the original eight-track live recordings made at the concert by remote engineer Wally Heider.
American Landing, Part 1
Killing Floor
Foxey Lady
Like A Rolling Stone
Rock Me Baby
Hey Joe
The Wind Cries Mary
Purple Haze
Wild Thing
American Landing, Part 2
Like a Rolling Stone
Stone Free