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SAMAEL is one of the leading metal acts ever to emerge from Switzerland. The band has continuously pushed sonic boundaries and genre definitions with their atmospheric and sinister songs. Now, the critically acclaimed “Ceremony Of Opposites” returns remastered for 180 gram vinyl and CD. The original artwork by Eric Vuille was meticulously recreated from the first pressing and now features the correct SAMAEL logo for the first time ever – just like the band intended it to be. This reissue comes in a wonderful gatefold sleeve and includes a 60x60cm poster featuring the enhanced artwork of the 1994 masterpiece. Furthermore, it has been remastered by Patrick W. Engel / Temple Of Disharmony (Tiamat, Iced Earth, Moonspell) for vinyl and CD. One of Rock Hard’s “500 best Rock & Metal Albums of All Time” now returns to your record collection in its ultimate edition.


Disc 1 Side 1

1. Black Trip (03:19)

2. Celebration Of The Fourth (02:53)

3. Son Of Earth (03:58)

4. Till We Meet Again (04:11)

5. Mask Of The Red Death (03:04)

Disc 1 Side 2

1. Baphomet's Throne (03:30)

2. Flagellation (03:41)

3. Crown (04:06)

4. To Our Martyrs (02:37)

5. Ceremony Of Opposites (04:39)

Disc 2

1. Black Trip (03:19)

2. Celebration Of The Fourth (02:53)

3. Son Of Earth (03:58)

4. Till We Meet Again (04:11)

5. Mask Of The Red Death (03:04)

6. Baphomet's Throne (03:30)

7. Flagellation (03:41)

8. Crown (04:06)

9. To Our Martyrs (02:37)

10. Ceremony Of Opposites (04:39)




by The Sea Within

This band is more of an amalgamation of some serious talents, than a regular “supergroup”. Guitarist/vocalist Roine Stolt, bassist Jonas Reingold, keyboard player/vocalist Tom Brislin, drummer/vocalist Marco Minnemann and vocalist/guitarist Daniel Gildenlöw have a vast reservoir of experience, considering who they've worked with: The Flower Kings, Transatlantic, Jon Anderson, Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats, Joe Satriani, Yes, Steve Hackett, Renaissance, Pain Of Salvation, Deborah Harry, Meatloaf and Karmakanic - that of itself tells you this is something very special. Also added later to the bands line-up for live shows was vocalist and guitarist Casey McPherson of ‘Flying Colors’ and ‘Alpha Rev’, who also sings a couple of songs on the album. Initially the band went to Livingston Studios in London in September 2017 to begin the process of assembling the material and recording it for the album. Not all of the record, though, was finished at Livingston, Stolt says. “Some extra touches were added later, when all of us were doing things in our home studios, such as guitars, vocals, synth and keyboards, textures. On the vocal side, a few of us have been involved: Daniel, me, Tom and Marco; and later Casey. The band also has some very special guests featured on the album. “Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater plays the piano on one song. The legendary Jon Anderson sings on another track, while 'wind ace' Rob Townsend, who plays saxophone and flute with Steve Hackett, is also on the record. Each of them brings a different flavour to the music.” Stolt continues: “People have asked me how I would describe what we have done, and it is almost impossible. Our tastes are very eclectic – from prog to jazz to classical, to heavy rock, folk, punk, electronica and pop. We all come from different backgrounds - so everything goes. I feel you will hear all that's good about pop – with great melodies and hooks – plus the rawness of metal, improvisations, symphonic and movie soundtrack


Side A

1. Ashes of Dawn (05:59)

2. They Know My Name (05:09)

3. The Void (04:53)

Side B

4. An Eye for an Eye for an Eye (07:01)

5. Goodbye (05:31)

6. Sea Without (02:23)

Side C

7. Broken Cord (14:10)

8. The Hiding of Truth (05:35)

9.. The Roaring Silence (08:04)

Side D

10. Where Are You Going? (05:54)

11. Time (07:18)

12. Denise (05:16)