by Rosanne Cash
Originally released in 1987, Rosanne Cash’s King’s Record Shop produced 4-No. 1 singles on the Billboard country singles chart. These consisted of “The Way We Make A Broken Heart”, “If You Change Your Mind”, “Tennessee Flat Top Box”, and “Runaway Train”. This June marks the 30th anniversary of the record and to celebrate we are reissuing the album on vinyl

KING'S RECORD SHOP proved a pivotal album in the career of Rosanne Cash and in the emergence of Americana as an heir to traditional country music. After working on a series of albums which contained singles introducing a new wave/pop sound to America's country charts, producer Rodney Crowell shifted gears on KING'S RECORD SHOP to bring a more roots-oriented, contemporary folk approach to the genre.
1. Rosie Strike Back
2. The Way We Make A Broken Heart
3. If You Change Your Mind
4. Real Me
5. Somewhere Sometime
6. Runaway Train
7. Tennessee Flat Top Box
8. I Don’t Have To Crawl
9. Green, Yellow And Red
10. Why Don’t You Quit Leaving Me Alone