Down Down & Dirty at Wacken (2LP/DVD)
There really is no need to introduce a band such as Status Quo. They have sold more than 118 million records, received countless gold awards and top 10 singles, played over 6000 shows together and spent 23 years away from home on tour to rock around the world. With all that success Status Quo have always remained a very down to earth and sympathetic band. Now after more than half a century of existence, they are still THE convincing live band they have always been known for.


The “Down Down” live series comes in two versions. Down Down & Dirty At Wacken is a wild & electrifying performance recorded in front of 70,000 wild Heavy Metal Fans at the world famous “Wacken Open Air 2017”. The counterpart Down Down & Dignified At The Royal Albert Hall is an acoustic set, recorded in London’s concert flagship, the “Royal Albert Hall” which

absolutely lives up to its name. Dignified!


“Wacken is like no other festival. The energy, the crowd, the volume. Where better for Quo to get down and dirty and crank out all of the Quo classics as loud as possible? Naturally, this was a full electric set, delivered at full throttle. Nothing else would be acceptable at Wacken! It’s full-blooded performances like this that Quo’s reputation is built on.”


After the tragic death of founding member Rick Parfitt, the Quo got young Irish rocker Richie Malone as a replacement on the rhythm guitar. His young age and talent really carry on the legacy of late Mr. Parfitt. Hands down (down)!



2-LP 180gm black vinyl; + DVD gatefold sleeve




1. Caroline

2. Something About You Baby I Like

3. Rain

4. Softer Ride


1. Beginning Of The End

2. Hold You Back

3. Proposin' Medley

4. Paper Plane



1. In The Army Now

2. Roll Over Lay Down

3. Down Down


1. Whatever You Want

2. Rockin’ All Over The World

3. Rock And Roll Music/Bye Bye Medley



1. Caroline

2. Something About You Baby I Like

3. Rain

4. Softer Ride

5. Beginning Of The End

6. Hold You Back

7. Proposin' Medley

8. Paper Plane

9. In The Army Now

10. Roll Over Lay Down

11. Down Down

12. Whatever You Want

13. Rockin’ All Over The World

14. Rock And Roll Music/Bye Bye Medley

The Last Night Of The Electrics (Vinyl) (3LP)

With more than 118 million records sold all over the world, Status Quo is one of the most important UK rock bands of all time. They have become one of the top names of British rock history year after year, album after album. Looking at the list of their achievements, with the most impressive series of gold records, top 10 singles, sold out shows and TV performances, one would say that they have conquered this status long ago. With the release if their phenomenally successful acoustic albums during the last three years, Status Quo made clear that they are still force to be reckoned with. Status Quo are the only band able to stick to their rock and roll roots, but adding a new twist, while remaining loyal to the sound their fans love. In concert they have the energy of a young band in their early twenties, even if the band has celebrated almost 50 years of glorious success.

On December 11, 2016 Francis Rossi, Andrew Bown, John ‘Rhino’ Edwards and Leon Cave plugged their instruments in and brought their thunderous electric live show back to the world’s venues for what they considered to be the last time. Packed with hits, both new and old, taken from that unbelievable back catalogue, Status Quo sounded as young and fresh as ever. When they climbed the stage of The O2 in London, the band was thinking that this was meant to be Status Quo’s last of their last full-on electric shows.

The Wanderer
Something About You I Like
Softer Ride

The Beginning Of The End
Hold You Back
Proposin’ Medley
Paper Plane

The Oriental
Creepin’ Up On You
In The Army Now

The Caveman
Roll Over Lay Down
Down Down

Whatever You Want
Rocking All Over The World
Burning Bridges
Rock And Roll Music/Bye Bye Johnny
Acoustic! Live at the Roundhouse (Vinyl)