Just Because I'm a Woman (VINYL)

Just Because I'm a Woman (VINYL)

by Dolly Parton

Just Because I'm a Woman is Dolly Parton's second solo studio album, originally released in 1968. The title song, written by Parton, was regarded as something of a daring statement to make at the time. The song became Parton's third solo single to reach the top-twenty. Also included was 'The Bridge', distinctive because of its subject matter and rather abrupt ending. The album contains seven Dolly Parton originals and five covers.

180 gram audiophile vinyl

1. You’re Gonna Be Sorry
2. I Wish I Felt This Way At Home
3. False Eyelashes
4. I’ll Oilwells Love You
5. The Only Way Out (Is To Walk Over Me)
6. Little Bit Slow to Catch On

1. The Bridge
2. Love and Learn
3. I’m Running Out of Love
4. Just Because I’m a Woman
5. Baby Sister
6. Try Being Lonel
Dolly (CD)

Dolly Parton Dolly (CD)


Dolly (CD)

by Dolly Parton

Spanning 99 tracks over four discs, beginning with the early-'60s demo "Gonna Hurry (As Slow as I Can)" and running until the end of her stay with Columbia in the early '90s, 'Dolly' captures her at her prime. Dolly has genuine momentum, beginning with her earliest stabs at girl group pop, running through duets with the Merry Melody Singers, not getting to her star-making duets with Porter Wagoner until the end of the first disc, allowing plenty of time for her complex story to be told in some detail, including several rarities and seven unreleased cuts. Packaged in DVD sized ecolbook. This collection hits all the hits, along with expertly chosen album tracks, creating a substantial and entertaining testament to Dolly's skills as an entertainer, song stylist and incisive songwriter. It's hard not to agree that there's never been another talent like her.


Puppy Love
Girl Left Alone
Gonna Hurry (As Slow As I Can)
It's Sure Gonna Hurt
The Love You Gave
Nobody But You
Busy Signal
Don't Drop Out
I've Known You All My Life
Put It Off Until Tomorrow
Dumb Blonde
Something Fishy
I Couldn't Wait Forever
I'm Not Worth the Tears
The Last Thing On My Mind
False Eyelashes
The Bridge
Just Because I'm a Woman
Holding On to Nothin'
We'll Get Ahead Someday
Jeannie's Afraid of the Dark
In The Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad)
Evening Shade
Gypsy, Joe and Me
My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy

Just The Way I Am
Down from Dover
Everything Is Beautiful (In Its Own Way)
Daddy Come And Get Me
Just Someone I Used to Know
Tomorrow Is Forever
Daddy Was an Old Time Preacher Man
Comin' for to Carry Me Home
Golden Streets of Glory
Mule Skinner Blues (Blue Yodel No. 8)
Daddy's Moonshine Still
The Last One to Touch Me
Better Move It on Home
Coat of Many Colors
Traveling Man
My Blue Tears
Here I Am
God's Coloring Book
Will He Be Waiting
Touch Your Woman
Together Always
Lost Forever In Your Kiss
My Tennessee Mountain Home
Eugene Oregon
What Will Baby Be

Early Morning Breeze
I Will Always Love You
Please Don't Stop Loving Me
Love Is Like a Butterfly
Sacred Memories
The Bargain Store
On My Mind Again
Kentucky Gambler
The Seeker
We Used To
All I Can Do
Light of a Clear Blue Morning
You Are
It's All Wrong, But It's All Right
Here You Come Again
Two Doors Down
Me and Little Andy
I Really Got the Feeling
Baby I'm Burnin'
You're the Only One
Sweet Summer Lovin'
Starting over Again

Old Flames (Can't Hold a Candle to You)
9 to 5
But You Know I Love You
Single Women
Heartbreak Express
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
Potential New Boyfriend
Islands In the Stream
Save the Last Dance for Me
Tennessee Homesick Blues
God Won't Get You
What a Heartache
Don't Call It Love
Think About Love
Why'd You Come in Here Lookin' Like That
Yellow Roses
He's Alive
Rockin' Years
Eagle When She Flies
Silver And Gold