Boston (Vinyl)

Boston Boston (Vinyl)


Boston (Vinyl)

by Boston

With hard-rock guitar riffing and vocal melodies with pop sensibility and memorable choruses, technician/guitarist/composer Tom Scholz and his band Boston topped the international charts with their eponymous debut.   Until 1986, Boston's debut album was the best selling debut album ever (only to be dethroned by Whitney Houston) with over 17 million units sold in the USA alone.  This album contains the international chartbuster "More Than A Feeling". When Epic (who signed the band in 1975) demanded the songs should be re-recorded, Tom just rented an L.A. Studio and recorded Brad Delp's vocals there. The rest of the album is just derived from his basement studio demo's....

More Than a Feeling
Peace Of Mind
Foreplay/Long Time

Rock & Roll Band
Hitch a Ride
Something About You
Let Me Take You Home Tonight