Incoming Death (Vinyl)

Incoming Death (Vinyl)

by Asphyx

Formed in 1987, ASPHYX took the burgeoning underground scene by storm, with a crushing sound inspired by the likes of Venom, Messiah, Hellhammer, and Slaughter. After producing several demos that rapidly spread through tape trading, full-length masterpieces “The Rack” (1991) and “Last One On Earth” (1992) led to international success and tours with Bolt Thrower, Benediction and Entombed. Despite rising to be one of the international metal scene’s premiere bands, a slew of line-up issues led to the band’s eventual demise in 2000.

With the album title referring to the cry of entrenched soldiers when under severe artillery fire, “Incoming Death” promises to relentlessly bombard fans with monstrous death/doom done the ASPHYX way.


1. Candiru (02:40)
2. Division Brandenburg (3:05)
3. Wardroid (04:40)
4. The Feeder (04:06)
5. It Came From The Skies (03:29)
6. The Grand Denial (07:08)

7. Incoming Death (01:56)
8. Forerunners Of The Apocalypse (03:42)
9. Subterra Incognita (05.06)
10. Wildland Fire (03:41)
11. Death: The Only Immortal (08:09)