Retrogore (LP+CD)

Aborted Retrogore (LP+CD)


Retrogore (LP+CD)

by Aborted

It's celebration time! After the release of Aborted's 20th anniversary EP 'Termination Redux,' it's now time to open the gates of the human slaughterhouse once more and give Aborted's ninth studio album, 'Retrogore,' a warm welcome!

Many have tried to survive the troubled times of the death metal scene, most of them did not succeed.

After 20 years of existence Aborted can justly be considered on of the few survivors, standing stronger than ever before. 'Retrogore' is not only a new album in the typical Aborted vein, it's a memorial for the true essence of death metal.

Relentless brutality, gut-wrenching drums, buzz-saw guitars, guttural vocals deep from the abyss, that's what 'Retrogore' delivers in spades. But besides the well-known delicious ingredients, Aborted have spiced up their sound with some new, surprising elements. There is a darker atmosphere in the sound, a more epic approach on the song writing and a sinister, yet beautiful melodiousness, thanks to the extremely talented guitar duo Mendel bij de Leij and Ian Jekelis.

All in all 'Retrogore' sums up all qualities of the band's previous releases and pushes them to the next level. 'Retrogore' is brutal death metal in its sheerest and most vicious form. The epitome of aural horror.


Dellamorte Dellamor
Cadaverous Banquet
Termination Redux (Album Version)
Bit By Bit
Divine Impediment
Coven Of Ignorance
The Mephitic Conundrum
Forged For Decrepitude
From Beyond (The Grave)
In Avernus