Alexander Biggs

Still You Sharpen Your Teeth (Vinyl)

Still You Sharpen Your Teeth (Vinyl)

by Alexander Biggs

'Still You Sharpen Your Teeth is the debut EP from 23-year-old Melbourne artist, Alexander Biggs. Alexander has a clear vision for his new music; emotionally tuned, melodically captivating, and philosophically grounded. With the release of his new single ‘Figure It Out’, the singer-songwriter emerges from a place of fear and uncertainty with hope and self-acceptance. The past year has seen Alexander hone his live talents, with a myriad of support slots for artists including Evan Dando, Frightened Rabbit and Gretta Ray. It’s clear that Alexander’s journey up until now has been one of constantly learning, questioning and, more recently, coming to terms with his rapidly changing environment. Still You Sharpen Your Teeth, showcases Alexander’s ability to set a scene and sustain a mood. “The themes all came from the same place,” he says. “It’s about how everything will pass, the ever-changing world, nothing sticks for too long.”


DISC 1 - LP - Side A
1  I'll Go My Way   
2  Now I Leave You Here   
3  Figure It Out   
DISC 1 - LP - Side B
1  It's   
2  New York    - Explicit Content
3  Gone Again    - Explicit Content