Adam Harvey





by Adam Harvey
For celebrated entertainer and country music purist Adam Harvey, one musical era stands out head, hat and shoulders above all the rest: Nashville’s seminal 1970s Golden Age. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, Adam jetted off to the bright lights of the immortal Music City to record masterful 10th studio album The Nashville Tapes, armed with a brace of new songs couched in the classic country sounds that most capture his imagination.


Perhaps more than any of Adam’s stellar solo releases to date, The Nashville Tapes is a sweeping, personal celebration of the sounds that defined a generation: from the legendary outlaws to the first wave of global country megastars.


In making The Nashville Tapes, Adam and another longtime mate, producer Nash Chambers, assembled a crack team of Music City’s finest and most sought-after session players to assist in realising the album.


“Nash and I have been talking about recording an album together for as long as we’ve known one another,” Adam relates. “He’s well known for the stuff he’s done for Kasey, and he’s a mad, passionate traditional country fan. It felt like a really good fit to go and work there with him. Someone who knows and loves that classic 70s country.”


A deeply personal, powerfully reverent release not years but decades in the making, The Nashville Tapes is the masterwork of an all-time Australian country music legend.


1. Less of a Thinking Man   
2. I'd Rather Be a Highwayman   
3. This Lovin' You   
4. What a Song Can Do   
5. Never Be Anyone Else But You   
6. When Willie's Gone   
7. Solitary Man   
8. Lucky   
9. Three Rivers Hotel featuring Lee Kernaghan
10. Anything You Want Me To   
11. Those Holden Days   
12. We'll Have to Drink Our Way Out of This