After the wave of ‘80s disco pop crashed the world was ready for another great guitar-led rock band. Pearl Jam, with their encyclopaedic knowledge of legends like Tom Petty, the Who and Neil Young, served up classic riffs that equaled anything from the ’70s heyday of rock. On Ten, almost every track begins with a memorable guitar line, and in Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam had a firebrand frontman with pipes to match his explosive onstage persona. Vedder’s lyrics have a timeless appeal that still speaks to the angry teen in all of us, making Ten an instant trip back to our youth. 

Did you know?

Before they were called Pearl Jam, the band used the name Mookie Blaylock, after a popular basketball athlete of the time. His jersey number was 10.

Vedder initially claimed that the band was named after his great grandmother’s peyote-laced jam, but later admitted that it was a fabrication.

Members of Pearl Jam appeared in Cameron Crowe’s movie Singles as a fictional band called Citizen Dick in 1992.