In this series, we take a look at some of the most iconic Australian albums of recent memory. It becomes all too easy to start listing classic Aussie albums in the form of Silverchair, Midnight Oil and the like, but what about the newer generation of musos? What follows is a list of more recent Aussie releases that are bound to go down as classics in our country’s music history.

King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Nonagon Infinity (2016)

The ever-prolific King Gizzard are no strangers to the experimental, but their 2016 opus Nonagon Infinity catalogues their foray into the heavy psychedelic realm. Designed with the idea of an infinite loop in mind, each track segues into the next, with the first and last seamlessly restarting the record ad nauseam.

It’s frenetic and bouncy with each member pushing their musical capabilities to the extreme - yet the finished product doesn’t sound at all overstuffed or overburdened. Rather, Nonagon Infinity is as playful as it is innovative. A trope like this would normally be weighed down by the extreme but the Melbourne rockers manage to keep it light and in high spirits.

At just over forty-minutes, Nonagon Infinity is in a league of its own regarding its style and substance but also one of the most memorable front-to-back records made in recent years. It’s accessible good ol’ fashioned rock and roll with a psychedelic twist.

Highlights: Big Fig Wasp, Gamma Knife, Evil Death Roll