In this series, we take a look at some of the most iconic Australian albums of recent memory. It becomes all too easy to start listing classic Aussie albums in the form of Silverchair, Midnight Oil and the like, but what about the newer generation of musos? What follows is a list of more recent Aussie releases that are bound to go down as classics in our country’s music history.

Camp Cope - Camp Cope (2016)

Though celebrating the release of their sophomore record How To Socialise & Make Friends, the Melbourne trio’s debut is what launched the underdog three-piece to success amidst stripped back indie numbers with nuanced punk rock leanings.

Frontwoman and vocalist Georgia ‘Maq’ McDonald showcases a lot of personality in her voice, desperate and fed up yet unashamedly uncaring of seemingly anyone’s opinion. Maq and co remain confident in their feminist stride despite their humble beginnings and DIY aesthetic and champion individuality.

There’s a sense of vulnerability on record, even if it may be whitewashed in sarcasm and satire, but the group’s critical strength is in how they charm through authenticity. There’s no façade here, just Maq and her world on display.

Highlights: Done, Lost (Season One), Jet Fuel Can’t Melt Steel Beams