In this series, we take a look at some of the most iconic Australian albums of recent memory. It becomes all too easy to start listing classic Aussie albums in the form of Silverchair, Midnight Oil and the like, but what about the newer generation of musos? What follows is a list of more recent Aussie releases that are bound to go down as classics in our country’s music history.

Alex Cameron - Forced Witness (2017)

Saturated in heavy 80's pop and new wave worship, many a song on Forced Witness will burrow away into your subconscious, dripping with catchy lyrics and sprinklings of cheesy sax and synth throughout that impressively have a sense of timelessness about them.

'Stranger's Kiss' is the 1980's love duet that never was, relaying choruses of forlorn love with Angel Olson that succeeds in not only being emotionally charged but hilarious as well. Forced Witness not only triumphs as a brilliant character study but also a testament to a bygone era and at the most basic level, a fantastic pop record.

A lot is invested in Cameron’s persona, his lyrics and storytelling come from the perspective of a lovable scumbag, so while some might find Cameron's identity and whole 80's throwback aesthetic to be a little much, if you're on board, it's a good time.

Highlights: Runnin' Outta Luck, Stranger's Kiss, Marlon Brando