In this series, we take a look at some of the most iconic Australian albums of recent memory. It becomes all too easy to start listing classic Aussie albums in the form of Silverchair, Midnight Oil and the like, but what about the newer generation of musos? What follows is a list of more recent Aussie releases that are bound to go down as classics in our country’s music history.

A.B. Original - Reclaim Australia (2016)

It’s almost surprising for an indigenous rap duo to name their debut album after a white supremacist hate rally group, but the fresh-faced A.B. Original set out to be provocative about the cultural divide of indigenous Australians.

Reclaim Australia is a politically charge record, both Briggs and Trials spitting venom that is angry but never hateful, brutally honest but always with an end goal to educate and inspire a reaction. Don’t get the wrong idea, despite some pop chorus leanings there are no tearjerkers here – Reclaim Australia is something that wants to get your blood going. It wants you to start paying attention. 

Lyrically, Reclaim Australia is unapologetic, but Briggs and Trials have a penchant for crafting some seriously catchy, in your face numbers that remain culturally significant. Honestly, it’s almost surprising something like this has taken this long.

Highlights: 2 Black 2 Strong, Dead In A Minute, January 26